Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

This week’s photo challenge is summer and I just knew the photo I wanted to submit. I took this photo while on a return three-week vacation to Cayman Islands. It’s certainly not the best photo in my collection with the crooked horizon line, but I like it.

For me, summer is all about cold sweaty beer on hot sandy beaches with beautiful natural blue skies as the backdrop.

What is summer to you? Let me know in the comment section below.

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About Jennifer Avventura

Canadian Freelance writer living in Sardinia, Italy. A serial expat who has lived in Australia, England and Cayman Islands. She eats Nutella with a spoon and hides under the bed during lightning storms. When she's not out running 6k you will find her sitting at the computer - writing her novel and searching for worldwide waitress work.
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33 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

  1. thirdeyemom says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Love the picture!

  2. Yea – sea, sand, blue skies and a cold one … 🙂

  3. dfmw says:

    Reblogged this on dfmw and commented:
    great photo. beach proportion equals sky. water divides at perfect angle. sand shadows and bottle at equal angle. all the basic rules of design composition are in this photo. plus i like cayman islands and heineken.

  4. Madhu says:

    Just perfect 🙂

  5. Robin says:

    Yep, looks like a pretty good summer… I’ve laid out my views on summer at my blog: http://wp.me/p1x8xf-1ln

  6. Great summer image! 😉

  7. BobR says:

    You drink Heineken in Sardinia?

  8. Love the each photo, and that’s what summer is to me–sun, sea, and sand.

  9. Perfect summer representation, even though I don’t drink beer! LOL

  10. coco nut, Cayman Islands + Heineken = perfect!

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  13. I love the arrangement you have here, it’s most certainly a double like.

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  15. Jo Bryant says:

    love it…the perfect shot and the perfect beer

  16. Woman says:

    And here I thought you’d have a Molson there!! LOL!!

  17. I am ultimately agree. I always think summer as beach vacation. The picture itself is great. Loave it.

  18. eof737 says:

    Jennifer, this is PERFECT! 🙂

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  21. I’d love a beer at the beach

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