Video: Mamuthones at Tappas in Mamujada

A short video of the Mamuthones from Mamoiada at the Tappas in Mamujada. My video taking skills aren’t the best and I wasn’t in the best place to capture the Issohadores. Here’s a little sneak peek into the mysterious Mamuthones.

Have you seen the ritual dance from the Mamuthones?

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3 thoughts on “Video: Mamuthones at Tappas in Mamujada

  1. This is just wonderful Jennifer! I love it and cannot wait to see it for myself oneday! Great capturing of this tradition! Fantastic work!

    The Sard/American

  2. I love them, all of them as there are several groups. I was there on Saturday and the little kids did their thing which their daddys did on Sunday, adorable, and passing on the traditions which run so deep here. In Desulo there was a group on Sunday too, more casual than the group from Mamoiada, and after their sfilata they were roasting chestnuts on the open fire. I never tire of seeing them, and of course Desulo has a wonderful cortas apertas, while mamoiada grows more crowded and commercial every year, this year i think there were about 120 tappas!

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