Poll: What do you think of the new WordPress Reader?

This past week the folks at WordPress went and changed the scope of how we read our favourite blogs, and there’s a lot of people angry at the changes. If you click on a title in the reader an annoying pop-up window shows up, we can comment, like and share but we can’t read the entire post. To read the entire post we must click yet again to open the blog post, very annoying.

Not only that … in the last few days I have noticed a dramatic decrease in visitors to my site!

I know of other bloggers in the WordPress community who feel the same way, losing readers, likes and comments because of this new change does nothing for the bloggers who blog at WordPress.

Just two weeks ago I spent $99 at WordPress to customize my site and make it more reader friendly. Then the kind folks at WordPress pulled the wool over my eyes designing a new reader that is not reader friendly, in any way shape or form.

I’m curious what you all think? Take my little poll below and leave comments in the comment section.

I look forward to your responses.

(Now I wonder how many people will click twice to read my entire post. Time and stats will tell.)

Happy blogging.

18 thoughts on “Poll: What do you think of the new WordPress Reader?

  1. I have to agree… I don’t like it… why do they constantly have to change things when what they had was working just fine! I will never get it….

  2. I absolutely hate it. So inconvenient. I’ve already added my tuppence worth in the forum! No change in my stats really but I’m sure it probably doesn’t register now unless the person clicks twice which is really annoying.

  3. I didnt vote bc I dont see much difference – bc I almost never used the reader before. For the blogs I follow, I make sure to receive posts in an email, and go from there. Those I am less ‘intense’ about, I receive in a weekly round-up. My readership seemed a little low early last week, but the same- and next-day responses to the last two posts have been in line with expectations, maybe even a bit higher than usual.

Your comments are greatly appreciated, thank you.

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