Let Your Emotions Fly | Sardinia, Italy

Sometimes in life we need to take a moment, a moment to reflect, a moment to breathe and a moment to feel alive. As most of you know, I love Sardinia. Never in my life have I seen such natural beauty, such diverse land and spectacular coasts.

I’d like to share this video with you, on a Sardinia rarely seen. This IS a must see.

Let your emotions fly, above Sardinia sky.

For more information visit their Facebook page: Pedhuris – Escursioni aeree sulla Sardegna. Sardinia Flight Excursions.

*this is not a paid advertisement. Sometimes in life things give you goosebumps, I want to share those things, and those goosebumps. Passing good vibes your way.

How do you feel after watching the video?

16 thoughts on “Let Your Emotions Fly | Sardinia, Italy

  1. Thanks Jennifer for a trip down memory lane…when I see those places where I spent my childhood, my heart cries to be there again, forget every thing and go back to the simple life…..

  2. What a breathtaking Landscape!! I love beaches and have fallen in love with Sardinia’s beaches.Am definitely coming there sometime! Yes, Its for sure. Great Post! Thanks for sharing it across Jennifer 🙂

  3. Jennifer you have really awakened a yearning to visit…not that you hadn’t ticked that box before with some of your posts on this beautiful piece of Earth…but you hit the mark this time.

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    I loved the video but then again I’m an islander too (Gulf Ilands, Canada) and perhaps one day I’ll travel to Saradinia. If I do let my emotions fly me to Italy, I’ll be letting you know I’m coming in advance.

  5. This was so BEAUTIFUL dear Jennifer, I really felt myself flying above the island… Thank you so much, you are living in such a beautiful place in the Mediterranean sea… With my love, nia

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