Top 5 Beach Photos to Keep You Warm

Tired of the white, cold mess of winter? Longing for days where the sun shines and the ocean laps at your feet?
I’ve had enough of winter, of the cold, of the endless days and nights of watching snow fall. I’ve complied a short Top 5 list of beach photos that can keep you warm during the winter storm of 2012.

Top 5 Beach Photos to Keep You Warm

1. Cayo Coco – Cuba.

2. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

3. Whitsundays, Australia

4. Copacabana, Brazil.

5. Sardinia, Italy

A little warmer now? Have you spent your winter days dreaming of summer? I have.

Top 6 Things I’ve Learned in a Year of Blogging | Part 1

It’s hard to believe that one year has passed since I began writing My Sardinian Life | La Mia Vita Sarda. I never thought I would actually write things that people would read, and I never thought I had the courage to publish what I’ve written.

My first blog post was written one year ago today. It’s a simple post on how everything, I mean everything in Sardinia happens domani, tomorrow. Things still happen domani, even after a year. You can’t change a culture, but you can change yourself.

I started My Sardinian Life | La Mia Vita Sarda with no set goals in mind. I’ve been a writer my entire life, but my writings were always kept private. It was time to come out of the closet and announce to the world that I, Jennifer Avventura am a writer.

Here is a list of the Top 6 things I’ve learned in the past year of blogging. Continue reading

Top 5 Beaches in The Gallura | Sardinia, Italy

Are you seeking a private haven where you can sit on the beach and do nothing, for hours? Or maybe, it’s a family beach oasis that you are after. Which ever beach vacation you are looking for The Gallura will fill your senses with peaceful shorelines and endless turquoise waters.

Isola Rossa and La Marinedda

The name ‘Gallura’ derives from a shortened Latin term ‘Galli-Rura‘ or ‘Galilensi Islands.’ The Romans marked the map to show the boundaries of the islands, known as Sardinia. The Gallura is located east of the Tyrrhenian Sea, North of the Straits of Bonifacio and west of The Gulf of Asinara.

The Gallura is family friendly, offering various styles of housing to suit every budget.There are plenty of recreational sports and activities to choose from. It is here that you find unspoilt private havens, coves, bays and inlets. The Gallura is composed of twenty-eight provinces rich in nature and culture. In this Top 5 list I will focus on the province of Trinita D’Agultu and Vignola. Continue reading