8 things you should know before moving to Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia_MapThis blog My Sardinian Life receives daily hits from people looking to move to Sardinia, Italy. So, I’ve compiled a little list for those out there searching for a life less ordinary in paradise. The search engine terms which brought people to my little blog are always written in English: Sardinia cost of living, move to Sardinia, jobs Sardinia and so on.

Canada, England, Australia and America want ‘in’ on this little island secret but before you pack your bags, take these pointers into consideration. My intention with this post is to put into perspective what day-to-day life is like on the most stunning island in the world – Sardinia, Italy. Disclaimer: these are just my opinions.  Continue reading

Travel Theme: Mystical Niagara Falls

I see Canada as a country torn between a very northern, rather extraordinary, mystical spirit … ” – Robertson Davies

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This is my response to the weekly travel theme from Ailsa from Where’s my backpack. To check out more awesome mystical photos click here.

My Sardinian Life Travels the World

It was an overcast afternoon when I decided to check my all-time views by country. Addicted to watching my stats climb … and fall but I rarely check out the country views.

Surprised to see that 17,764 Americans had checked into My Sardinian Life – what y’all searching for? One of the most searched for phrase on My Sardinian Life is ‘system error.’ Is it possible that 17,764 of you found this? Pretty awesome, eh? Thanks America, you rock!

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Le Grand Bleu | The Super Mega Yacht

One of the world’s largest, super-mega yachts, Le Grand Bleu was seen floating off the north-west coast of Sardinia, Italy on August 12, 2012.

She’s big, she’s beautiful and she is estimated to be worth $85-$90 million! I was there to capture her in all her splendid, expensive glory. I couldn’t help but stare at this beautiful beast silently floating in the Bay of Asinara (Donkey Bay) for the entire three hours we were at the beach.

Le Grand Bleu is a 370-foot mega yacht, launched in 2000 and originally owned by American business person John McCaw Jr.

In 2002 the McCaw family sold Le Grand Bleu to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Roman had le grand bleu lengthened (yes lengthened! cause you know 370-feet is just too small) and refitted with a 16-foot swim platform! Snap!

There is very little known on the interior of the yacht for privacy reasons. However, what we do know is this: a 74-foot sailboat AND a 67-foot speed boat are stored on deck, for emergencies, of course. As well as a personal helicopter, for those shopping trips to Costa Smeralda. Le Grand Bleu has a crew of 50.

Click here to read my post from July 29th’s sighting of Le Grand Bleu.

What method of transportation do you take to work?

Shadows on Groundhog Day

According to ancient folklore if a groundhog emerges from his burrow on a cloudy day and retreats back to his winter home then spring will arrive early.

Should the groundhog emerge February 2nd on a beautiful winter sunny day, and sees his winter-self in shadow, thus retreating back in fear, then it’s said winter will last another six weeks.

Here’s to a cloudy day this Groundhog day. Greetings and salutations from a cloudy and cold, winter in Sardinia.

Do you believe this ancient tale of forecast?

I can’t wait for summer, you?