My Sardinian Life Travels the World

It was an overcast afternoon when I decided to check my all-time views by country. Addicted to watching my stats climb … and fall but I rarely check out the country views.

Surprised to see that 17,764 Americans had checked into My Sardinian Life – what y’all searching for? One of the most searched for phrase on My Sardinian Life is ‘system error.’ Is it possible that 17,764 of you found this? Pretty awesome, eh? Thanks America, you rock!

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Eating Made Easy | Oven Baked Artichokes & Potato


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Artichokes originated in Southern Europe right around the stunning, sun-filled Mediterranean. The main producers of this fully loaded vegetable are Italy, Spain and France. There are several different types of artichoke: Green, purple, large, medium and the spined artichoke (spinoso Sardo) … Continue reading

Storm Dance | After Eighty-Seven Days

For the first time in eighty-seven days it rained. The winds picked up speed, pushing in the black thunderous clouds from Spain. With the exception of the wind all was quiet and eery. With the blink of an eye that all changed; thunder roared its beautiful strength and sheets of lightning filled the sky.

Black Clouds Over Sardegna

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