Travel Theme: Height

Tinnari by Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life 2013 (5)

The height of the mountain I’m standing on is 214m above sea level. I was high enough to capture the flight of this war plane. The terrain on the right is Corsica. I wonder what he was doing in the sky of Sardinia?

This is my response to the travel theme: height. Click the link to discover more high things around the world.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming


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This sounded like a great challenge until I read the tip from Kristin Luna at Camels & Chocolate, if you haven’t already checked out Kristin’s blog you should. It’s awesome, it’s pretty, it’s spectacular! Tip: When shooting long exposures, take into … Continue reading

What is one Country’s Culture is Another’s Taboo | Horse Meat

Roughly 5 million tons of horse meat is consumed yearly by these 8 countries.

  • China
  • Italy
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • The Netherlands

In December 2011 American president Obama lifted a five-year ban on horse slaughter. Bringing a once taboo food to the tables of Americans. 70% of Americans oppose horse slaughter, will this lift bring nourishment and good proteins to many starving Americans? Only time will tell.

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Eating Made Easy | Oven Baked Artichokes & Potato


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Artichokes originated in Southern Europe right around the stunning, sun-filled Mediterranean. The main producers of this fully loaded vegetable are Italy, Spain and France. There are several different types of artichoke: Green, purple, large, medium and the spined artichoke (spinoso Sardo) … Continue reading