Le Grand Bleu | The Super Mega Yacht

One of the world’s largest, super-mega yachts, Le Grand Bleu was seen floating off the north-west coast of Sardinia, Italy on August 12, 2012.

She’s big, she’s beautiful and she is estimated to be worth $85-$90 million! I was there to capture her in all her splendid, expensive glory. I couldn’t help but stare at this beautiful beast silently floating in the Bay of Asinara (Donkey Bay) for the entire three hours we were at the beach.

Le Grand Bleu is a 370-foot mega yacht, launched in 2000 and originally owned by American business person John McCaw Jr.

In 2002 the McCaw family sold Le Grand Bleu to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Roman had le grand bleu lengthened (yes lengthened! cause you know 370-feet is just too small) and refitted with a 16-foot swim platform! Snap!

There is very little known on the interior of the yacht for privacy reasons. However, what we do know is this: a 74-foot sailboat AND a 67-foot speed boat are stored on deck, for emergencies, of course. As well as a personal helicopter, for those shopping trips to Costa Smeralda. Le Grand Bleu has a crew of 50.

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What method of transportation do you take to work?

Just Me, My Yacht & Helicopter | Le Grand Bleu

It was a wonderful hazy day in Isola Rossa yesterday and I decided to take my yacht to the beach, along with my helicopter because you just never know.

It was a hazy, lazy day on the beach and this was the best photo I could snap of this super yacht.

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