Just Me, My Yacht & Helicopter | Le Grand Bleu

It was a wonderful hazy day in Isola Rossa yesterday and I decided to take my yacht to the beach, along with my helicopter because you just never know.

It was a hazy, lazy day on the beach and this was the best photo I could snap of this super yacht.

I do have a few other photos but the haze and super zoom turn the photo blurry. I’m going to post the photos anyway in hopes someone can tell me who this yacht belongs to.

In Picasa edit I cropped right into the hull and found some writing, but it is too distorted to read.

Even on a closer crop things get distorted. This is the best I can do.

Does anyone know who she belongs to? Curious minds are curious.

***UPDATE – This yacht is none other than the Le Grand Bleu. One of the largest private yachts in the world! Snap! She was seen floating on July 27-28 off the northwest coast of Sardinia. In the area of Isola Rossa.

It was previously owned by John McCaw, Jr., an American businessman, who sold her to Russian businessman Roman Abramovich in 2002. Abramovich had it refitted to his own preferences by HDW in Kiel, Germany. This included an internal refit and the addition of a 16-foot (4.9 m) swim platform.
In June 2006, Abramovich gave Le Grand Bleu to its current owner, friend and business partner Eugene Shvidler.
File:Le Grand Bleu 31July010.jpg

Souce: Wikipedia

Le Grand Bleu is powered by two 3,600 hp Wärtsilä engines. Details about the interiors are scanty as Abramovich is protective of his family’s privacy and highly security-conscious, but they were designed by Terence Disdale.
On 27 June 2012 Le Grand Bleu was lying off the Italian Riviera coastal fishing village of Portofino. On 19 July 2012 Le Grand Bleu was in Porto Cervo, Sardinia. On 21 July 2012 Le Gran Bleu was in front of wonderful Cala Luna near Cala Gonone, Sardinia, and 26 July 2012 in the Coral Riviera front of the walled town of Alghero still in Sardinia.”

Curious minds are curious no longer. Snap! Wow!

Have you seen Le Grand Bleu in action? Tell me about it below.

26 thoughts on “Just Me, My Yacht & Helicopter | Le Grand Bleu

  1. Le Grand Bleu is currently sat anchored right in the middle of Porto conte in the north west of sardinia, near Alghero

  2. I saw Le Grand Bleu in the Coast of Helsinki, Finland in the summer of 2010. She was anchored so I has a chance to circle around it with my little motored boat. It was a beautiful day and I took many pictures of her in 360 angles. If you are particulary interested in this boat I can mail you the photos. Just contact me at calaverafamily@gmail.com
    (I use this junk-mail very seldom so never mind if I don’t reply immediately!)

  3. It was in Port Canaveral for 2 weeks in 2009 getting an upgraded recycled water system. It has a 72 ft sailboat and a 65 ft power yacht on the deck. Part of the sides of the hull can open for the jet skis and tenders. I live 2 miles by car or boat from Port Canaveral and no one here has ever seen anything like it.

    • Hi Jennifer
      only to clarify that I was the interior designer and the supplier of the interior decoration for the Owner John McCaw on Bremen Vulcan through its project manager Klaus Kush. Terence Disdale has never partecipate to this project. Mr. Abramovich,after purchase the ship has customized the interiors with the help of Dik Bannemberg design.
      Kind regards
      Luciano Di Pilla

  4. I just saw Le Grand Bleau anchored off the coast of Kho Rhong Saleum Cambodia on 11th March. Pretty impressive, looks like it belongs in a Bond film.

  5. Hello All,

    I had the pleasure of admiring this beauty up close in the Bahamas in May of 2009. It has A sailboat and a smaller yacht aboard it. The crew didn’t let us get aboard but i was able to see alot of the outside from our cruise ship. Needles to say, i was intrigued! I’ve played the Powerball every week since! lol

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  8. …spotted that dingy last friday, while taking a coffee at putzu idu, it was anchored near the Mal di ventre island (I beleive it (still) belongs to Mr.AbramoRich oops typo Abramovich – Rusian tycoon and owner of Chelsea FC)

  9. I was only at Cala Gonone for a day but it wasnt there (on the 27th) so guess it passed onto the other side, anyway they have good taste in locations, and those beaches are too crowded so best enjoyed by boat. But HE GAVE IT to his friend? Hmm, maybe a really good friend…

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