Spring Teaser

Spring has sprung in Sardegna this weekend. With temperature lows of 10c and highs of 30c.  The flowers are blooming and their scent floats in the warm air this weekend; a new season is sprouting.  Mating Season.  The cows are howling, the cats are going crazy and the town joker has begun his slow decent fuori. Escaping to the beach was the only answer.  Sardegna is a blooming-exotic delicious island.  Happy Spring.  Happy Weekend.  Please enjoy the following photo’s from a day at the beach.

Spring Has Sprung

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Diet? No Thanks.

They have been tried, tested and traveled.  And there remains one and only one reason I have thrown in the towel regarding diets.  I respect those who are on, or have been on diets. Keep reading as I want to discuss a few different fad diets that I find interesting.  By no means am I an expert in any of this advice, it’s only my opinions and some facts from Wikipedia. Continue reading

Who? Who?

I’d like to introduce you to another wicked woman blogger, she is why I began to blog.  I’ve known her for many years and we have drunk down many a Guinness together even leaving the Guinness draft tap running one busy night, slinging pints of Ireland’s finest at waiting patrons.  We’ve also got our complete-stellar funk-out, dancing to the Smoothies, where only the Lions dare roam.  Those were the times, sometimes hard, sometimes good.  Life took it’s turn down a windy road and there were a few years of distance.  Fastforward to the phenom of Facebook and we reunite through the wonderous virtual pages of Facebook.  Her life blossoming like no other, our past behind us and the future ahead we salute each other to good health and happiness.

Around Christmastime 2010 a surprise arrived in the mail.  Now I’m not going to tell you everything that was in this beautiful gift, but know it was the most sentimental surprise someone could find. 

Who? Who?

http://www.lepetitreve.ca/ Where you can find everyday musings, recipes, rants, diaper changes and eco-friendly stuff.

http://www.etsy.com/shop/lepetitreve And these are the things that she makes with her hands.  Yup, wow!  So cute, so eco-friendly, so fitting in todays crazy society, it’s pure and delicious.  Click.

In her words …

“all in a day | from culinary to crafty creations, these are the musings and aversions of a vintage loving, sustainable & eco-living, grassroots, cree mixed mama.”

Fish Heads and Potatoes

I want to write but I can’t find the words.  Heavy dense clouds dance outside the bay windows; playing with my mind, stealing my words.  Please enjoy the following pics I took from a recent hike.

Trails and Trees

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Blog Surfing One Peace At A Time

WordPress and writing have been but a distant memory this past week. And now I’m back with a brand new attitude.  I’ve found with blogging (what do I really know? I’ve been blogging for only a few months) that if you want readers, you need to be a reader.  It’s also VERY important to comment on the blogs you’ve read. I want to know who my readers are and am pleased as punch when they gift me with a comment.  With writing and WordPress, there is homework.  If you want traffic, you will need to put in the time to direct them down your street.

This post will highlight some of my favorite blogs, right here on WordPress.  I’m a subscriber to these blogs for a reason and I hope you find some value in each one.  Have fun.

  1. Follow the wonderful and wicked adventures of Gaia and companions travel the world. http://wanderinggaia.com/
  2. Because everyone should know. http://unkeptwoman.wordpress.com/
  3. A Divorce Brick?  For Wonderful wit and humour. http://mikaleebyerman.wordpress.com/
  4. A great blogger who keeps me reading. http://unsanityfiles.wordpress.com/

Did you know that WordPress has this really cool tool called the Readomattic.  It’s in your dashboard.  Click it to discover the most recent posts on WordPress.  I’ve found some amazing blogs.  The following are ones I’m discovering now, in this moment.

  1. Great poetry! I always click on things I like. http://magewing.wordpress.com/2011/03/16/an-ultimatum/
  2. I clicked on this one because I like the title.  http://jessdowse.wordpress.com/2011/03/16/between-trees/
  3. I lost my Nana this year.  This was the most recent post when I returned to Readomattic after the 2nd. Like this blogger, I too have wonderful memories of my Nana.  http://perfectlymixedup.com/2011/03/16/wordless-wednesday-my-great-grandma-bammy/
  4. Well….wasn’t this just a nice read. http://andywhisenant.net/2011/03/16/permission-to-start/
  5. About Italy, Roma?  Click.  Beautiful photos. http://randomthoughtsfrommidlife.wordpress.com/2011/03/16/arrivederci-roma/#comment-437

Not Made of Sugar

Just me, myself and I

The summer is almost over but the hot, hot heat lingers on. There’s a blue haze in the sky and the ocean does not move. Floppy & Shatzy have not come out of their house all morning, like I, they know it’s much to hot to venture outdoors. It’s been over four months since my plane left me here and my patience is slowly coming along. I study the language as much as I can. I really have no choice, the only person in this town that speaks English is M. and his English is not the best at times. I have met a few of the regulars from town and we speak over morning espresso and cigarettes.
His name is Dominico and he’s sixty-five plus years. He speaks no English and offers me espresso and companionship daily. He’s a nice old man with blue eyes, one of the few blue-eyed people I have come across on this brown-eyed island. He has asked me to collect him stamps from Canada, and I have. We sit in the middle of town at our local TanTan,  and laugh and giggle at the passing people and horny little dogs that run wild throughout our town.
But how quickly the sky changes, the humidity has turned into pouring rain. Large black and grey clouds cover the sky and gust past the bay windows. There was a slight break in the sky this afternoon, and I ventured out to fetch mountain water at the fountain and have a secret cigarette. The break didn’t last long as on my way back a slight drizzle took over the town. I’m not made of sugar like my mother once told me, so I had no fear of melting.

Canadian Waitress in Canada – Chapter 2 – The Casino’s Main Act

She pulls out her note pad, her hand twitching as she wraps her fingers around the cool plastic. “A drink from the bar?” She tugs at her computer swipe card hanging from her white apron; pulling, twisting, unconsciously releasing her inhibitions. Catching his eye again she holds his glare, she feels the intensity growing in her belly, she feels like a raging horny teenager when he looks at her. Continue reading

Yellow Divano

The View From Here.

I begin my day like the rest of the world, I open my eyes. I wake up, stretch my arms to my pillow, point my toes toward the bay sliding glass doors, out past the mountain tops, and I plunge my feet into the ocean. All this and I’m still in my bed. A warm body beside me and a smile on my face, I turn and give a buongiorno and a bacio and I can feel the ocean kiss me awake. I rise from the mattress on the teak floor to the bathroom on the left. I close the sliding wood door and perch myself on the throne for what will be the first of many pee’s for the day. I wash my face and check for spots, all is clear, for today. I follow the teak into the open concept kitchen and living-room and turn on the espresso machine. My round Tetley tea bag (which I had shipped from Canada) fits perfectly in the cup of the espresso maker, the tea is slightly tainted with espresso, there is no other choice, there is no oven, yet. I drink my tea on our new used divano and gaze out the windows. Il mare is clam today, maybe we will go to the beach for the fourth day in a row, maybe we will take an hour drive to Sassari to pick up a new English novel and maybe just maybe I’ll sit on my yellow divano and stare dreamily into the valley and the mountains that surround us.

The Wandering Waitress*. A Guide to Traveling the World One Tip at a Time.

So you want to give up everything, eh?  Move to another country, get a job in a small café in Australia and become a beach bum?  It’s easy to do and you don’t need a university degree to do it. Continue reading

Dog Hounding

Morals and values
stripped aside,
in your corner trying to hide.
Through that gape in your heart
that you left for me.
You are higher than a kite,
and sick of the fight.
Words go round and round.
There is no conclusion,
nothing found.
In dire straights;
love like chocolate
I never looked back.
You’re thick like honey,
it ain’t about the money.
Cage an animal and wait.
Soon you will see the anger, the pace;
and that long look on my face.
Ask me why? And I tell no lies.
Truth you don’t like,
you don’t believe.
Anything said.
Stuck in your head,
you not are right.
Come on; put up your fists
Let’s fight.
Ready for a good pounding,
You dog hounding.

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