Yellow Divano

The View From Here.

I begin my day like the rest of the world, I open my eyes. I wake up, stretch my arms to my pillow, point my toes toward the bay sliding glass doors, out past the mountain tops, and I plunge my feet into the ocean. All this and I’m still in my bed. A warm body beside me and a smile on my face, I turn and give a buongiorno and a bacio and I can feel the ocean kiss me awake. I rise from the mattress on the teak floor to the bathroom on the left. I close the sliding wood door and perch myself on the throne for what will be the first of many pee’s for the day. I wash my face and check for spots, all is clear, for today. I follow the teak into the open concept kitchen and living-room and turn on the espresso machine. My round Tetley tea bag (which I had shipped from Canada) fits perfectly in the cup of the espresso maker, the tea is slightly tainted with espresso, there is no other choice, there is no oven, yet. I drink my tea on our new used divano and gaze out the windows. Il mare is clam today, maybe we will go to the beach for the fourth day in a row, maybe we will take an hour drive to Sassari to pick up a new English novel and maybe just maybe I’ll sit on my yellow divano and stare dreamily into the valley and the mountains that surround us.

6 thoughts on “Yellow Divano

  1. Tetley tea is awesome, I can understand why you would have it shipped from here! Right now, my tired body is craving coffee pretty badly. >_<"

    Your imagery sounds so calming, it makes me want to escape!

  2. That sounds lovely! I don’t have much of a morning wake-up routine because it tends to be so hasty. My going-to-sleep routine is the one I focus on more!

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