Blog Surfing One Peace At A Time

WordPress and writing have been but a distant memory this past week. And now I’m back with a brand new attitude.  I’ve found with blogging (what do I really know? I’ve been blogging for only a few months) that if you want readers, you need to be a reader.  It’s also VERY important to comment on the blogs you’ve read. I want to know who my readers are and am pleased as punch when they gift me with a comment.  With writing and WordPress, there is homework.  If you want traffic, you will need to put in the time to direct them down your street.

This post will highlight some of my favorite blogs, right here on WordPress.  I’m a subscriber to these blogs for a reason and I hope you find some value in each one.  Have fun.

  1. Follow the wonderful and wicked adventures of Gaia and companions travel the world.
  2. Because everyone should know.
  3. A Divorce Brick?  For Wonderful wit and humour.
  4. A great blogger who keeps me reading.

Did you know that WordPress has this really cool tool called the Readomattic.  It’s in your dashboard.  Click it to discover the most recent posts on WordPress.  I’ve found some amazing blogs.  The following are ones I’m discovering now, in this moment.

  1. Great poetry! I always click on things I like.
  2. I clicked on this one because I like the title.
  3. I lost my Nana this year.  This was the most recent post when I returned to Readomattic after the 2nd. Like this blogger, I too have wonderful memories of my Nana.
  4. Well….wasn’t this just a nice read.
  5. About Italy, Roma?  Click.  Beautiful photos.

5 thoughts on “Blog Surfing One Peace At A Time

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  2. You’re right – a comment is so much more valuable than a page view – it tells you so much more, even if it’s a negative one, it’s definitely something to take on board. I like the analogy of ‘homework’ – every couple of nights I try to go through my comments, check out the blogs belonging to the people who have commented on my blog, and also reply directly to their comments. It’s like a rockstar replying to fanmail (not that I’m trying to say we’re rockstars!) If you get a reputation for caring about who reads your blog, and give back to those people who are kind enough to comment, then you will be rewarded by a bigger, and more dedicated readership.
    Plus … I like to think of the blogosphere as a HUGE free magazine, and it’s great to expose yourself to as many of the articles out there as possible, so you yourself can grow as a writer and make use of this amazing network of writers which we are all a part of 🙂
    C-C xx

  3. I’ve found that people appreciate comments so much! So if ever I have something to say, I try to leave a comment. So far it has served me well~ and I never knew about that tool! Thanks for letting me know. ^_^

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