Diet? No Thanks.

They have been tried, tested and traveled.  And there remains one and only one reason I have thrown in the towel regarding diets.  I respect those who are on, or have been on diets. Keep reading as I want to discuss a few different fad diets that I find interesting.  By no means am I an expert in any of this advice, it’s only my opinions and some facts from Wikipedia.With over 102 different diets listed on Wikipedia it seems confusing to choose, if you are in search of a diet.  I have selected only five to outline, one I’ve even tried. Gasp.

  1. 100-Mile Diet.  This diet is based on a novel by two Canadian writers.  Between the two this idea was born, and for one year they ate within this hundred mile radius.  It’s a social movement that advocates eating locally grown foods. (This is something that I can actually wrap my head around.  I like this idea and have adapted it into my lifestyle many years ago.  Buy LocallyThis diet is a winner for me. 9/10.)
  2. Cookie Diet. (did someone say cookie?  oh yes!)  The Cookie diet was developed by Dr.Siegal in 1975.  It’s a low-calorie diet based on a hunger-controlling meal replacement (wait, here it comes) in the form of a cookie. Ha.  The good doctor developed a mixture of amino acids and baked them into a cookie. He says to consume six cookies during the day to control hunger and to eat a dinner of only three hundred calories. (This cookie diet is lame.  It’s possible the doctor was eating other ‘special’ cookies while baking up this stupid idea.  A three hundred calorie dinner and six cookies during the day.  Are you kidding me?  Who wants to control hunger?  Not I.  I want to savour it, every tasty morsel never with a regret.  The Cookie Diet is a huge fail. 0/10.)
  3. The Detox Diet.  Is an alternative medicine approach that claims to rid the body of toxins.  There is plenty of criticism surrounding the people who claim to be able to rid the body of toxins.  If this is something you are interested in doing be sure to check the credentials of your doctor.  There are many different types of a Detox Diets: fasting, consuming exclusively, colon cleansing, removal of dental fillings, foot baths and AA. (This could work, but like I said above you must be smart when choosing the right diet for you. I’m on the fence with The Detox Diet 5/10.)
  4. The Eat Clean Diet.  With this diet you can eat every 2-3 hours!  Wahoo.  Now this sounds more like it.  The Eat Clean Diet focuses on eating natural food without preservatives and staying active.  We must be kind to our bodies, go on, go, take a walk, your body will thank you for it.  (But finish reading my blog first.)  They educate about portion control, eating complex carbs with each meal, eating lean proteins and getting those eight cups of water in daily. (Put down that soda canI like this diet, there is sense. 8/10.  My good friend has been following The Eat Clean Diet for a few months now.  If you have any questions about this diet check out her blog right here on WordPress.)
  5. The NO-Carb Diet. Is described as carnivorism.  Ewww. Carbohydrates are strictly prohibited with fat and proteins being the main sources of energy.  History revels that a Canadian explorer discovered this diet by living with the Inuit in the Arctic regions of Canada.  Where their diet consists of only meat and a few berries in the summer.  On the NO-Carb diet this is what you can eat: Meat of all types, exclude liver. Seafood. Eggs, and it’s better if you boil them.  Cheese but only four ounces a day. (that’s a crock.) Vegetables but only leafy greens.  Fat – butter, mayo and cream.  You can’t eat: potatoes, tomatoes, beans, spinach (which I thought was a leafy green, no?), bread, Nutella, pasta, broccoli, cakes, torta, torrone, sweets, waffles, cereals, rice, oatmeal, grapes, carrots, yogurt, chocolate, sugar.  (Oh gosh, no way.  That’s just to much.  That’s it.  I need a carb filled Nutella sandwich, asap!  This is the diet I put myself through many years ago.  Yes, I lost weight.  And yes, I went crazy doing it.  I felt outside myself.  Floating, hungry and empty.  Once I came out of this trance and decided to actually eat foods again, I realized how wrong this diet is, for me. The NO Carb Diet is another fail. 1/10.)

Still wondering why I’ve thrown towel in?  The word DIE makes up a huge part of the word DIET.  You do the math.  Why diet when you can have this…

My Banana Bread. Loaded with carbs. yum!


Traditional Homemade Sardinian Sweets


Locally Grown Baby Tomatoes

We can’t forget the bread.

Baked Fresh Daily and Locally. Full of fun carbs.

I believe in moderation.  I believe that we can have everything, and eat our cake too.  I am no doctor.  These are only my opinions.

11 thoughts on “Diet? No Thanks.

  1. great post…love the all of the pictures, ymmm! as someone who has known you for years, i can testify that moderation coupled with regular exercise is the key! you are proof…:-)

  2. I like the sound of the Eat Clean diet, but you can forget about the carb-free one. As soon as I saw the list of what you couldn’t eat, I knew it would be game over for me, as I eat almost everything on that list. I need to burn off excess with more movement, not starve myself – life’s too short!

    By the way, those tomatoes look lush!

    • There’s two diets that I like on this list. The Eat Clean Diet and the 100-Mile Diet. The Carb-Free throws our bodies out of whack. I need carbs, my body does; but in moderation. I also eat everything on the Do Not Eat List of the Carb-Free, but again in moderation. I also excersie 4-6 times a week, every week. My body tells me to. If it were up to my mind, I’d sit on the sofa eating tubs of Nutella all day and night. You’re right, life is too short, why limit ourselves, there is too much good.

      Those lush tomatoes were grown within 100-Miles. Actually within 3-Miles.

  3. Oh how I need to lose weight. Thanks for the information on all the diets. I really need to give up coca cola.

  4. Hello lovely!

    It made me so happy to read your post today and discover that you were discussing diets! Of course i also loved that you plugged me hee hee! Since I have made the change to the Eat Clean way of life I have found new energy, finally started to rid the excess weight and realize that the word diet is just plain bad. As the EC principles state it is not a diet in the traditional way of thinking – it is a diet as in what you put in your body is your diet – be that clean whole healthy unprocessed food or Rotten Ronnies – that is your diet – so my diet is now made up of clean food and I`ve never felt better! I also love the 100 mile one – I too love to shop locally as much as I possibly can

  5. Great post!

    I like the sounds of the Eat Clean Diet and the idea of eating locally sourced food! As for the no carbs? I’m with you, no thanks!

    I feel like diets are really only ever effective if paired with exercise and physical activity. It seems people are so concerned these days about how many calories they are taking in when another big part of the equation is how many of those calories are being burned off throughout the day! (but, I’ll say anything to justify my bread and pasta)

  6. I don’t have the control to diet. Just eat healthily and get some fresh air is my view. Amazing how much energy the western world can spend trying to fight the affects of eating too much, isn’t it?

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