Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Today in Sardinia, Italy

Today, after reading this week’s photo challenge: I turned off my computer and looked out the window and found something watching me! What a delightful surprise, to see the neighbourhood cat, staring back at me. I knew in that moment, that today, would be the day, that I finally snapped his elusive photo. Meow.

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Spring Teaser

Spring has sprung in Sardegna this weekend. With temperature lows of 10c and highs of 30c.  The flowers are blooming and their scent floats in the warm air this weekend; a new season is sprouting.  Mating Season.  The cows are howling, the cats are going crazy and the town joker has begun his slow decent fuori. Escaping to the beach was the only answer.  Sardegna is a blooming-exotic delicious island.  Happy Spring.  Happy Weekend.  Please enjoy the following photo’s from a day at the beach.

Spring Has Sprung

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