Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Today in Sardinia, Italy

Today, after reading this week’s photo challenge:Ā I turned off my computer and looked out the window and found something watching me! What a delightful surprise, to see the neighbourhood cat, staring back at me. I knew in that moment, that today, would be the day, that I finally snapped his elusive photo. Meow.

Then … I went for a super-duper 6.2k run in the glorious morning sun and saw the strangest looking animal in my life. It was like a sideways walking S, on short legs with short dark brown-reddish fur. It was skinny and hobbling along the side of the road and when he noticed me, he bee-lined it for the bushes.

And then … I played with my awesome colourful beads that my Sardinian girlfriend gave me a few years ago. We met at a wedding one summer evening and I commented on her simple beads adorning her arm. Without skipping a beat she handed them over to me. Nice the Sardinian people, eh? I even refused, which you should never do here. If a Sardinian gives you something take it with pleasure and gratitude. They give because it’s in their hospitality, it’s in their hearts.

And then … I sat outside to tan my snow-white skin, but the ultraviolet rays were super strong and burning my Canadian skin. Upon entering the house, I stuck my head in the freezer and noticed a new tub of gelato. I opened it and ate three big scoops.

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What did you do today?

29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

  1. Hey Jennifer…love that your neighbourhood has an elusive cat…sounds so mysterious. So why does the house have two numbers ???

    • They made a mistake when issuing new ceramic number plates years ago … really! LOL. Im still not 100% what our ‘real’ house number is, but the post from Canada still arrives! šŸ™‚

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  4. All great photos – the stripes form an amazing image – the beds are so colorful, and the colors on the roof under the cat are beautiful – even the laces are so cool!

  5. Hi Jennifer. I love your pictures and comments of Sardinia. Where are you on the island? I am currently in Cagliari and would love to know some good hikes by the sea if you just so happen to be in the south and have any info can you let me know? Hope you are enjoying the nice day today. : )

    • Ciao Erin,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I live in the North West – The Gallura and am not familiar with Cagliari, I’ve only been once in four years! If you make it up here ever Ill take you on a nice hike along the sea that we do every summer. Are you from Sardinia?

      • Ciao Jennifer,
        I wish that I found your site sooner because I have been up north a few times in the last couple weeks. My boyfriend does a sailing charter business for the summer and was doing some work up there. In fact, we just got back from sailing Olbia, Alghero, Cagliari, and back up to Olbia! Anyway, we will be back up soon. I can email you with my number, facebook, and all other details so we can make plans. It is nice to know that I am not the only one having the language barrier issue here and glad I found you! : ). Oh and I am not from Sardinia, I am from the U.S. but have been living here for the past couple months with an Italian who has been super helpful. Talk soon!

      • What a wonderful adventure! I haven’t sailed Sardinia .. yet, but I have been in a little power boat that hops from beach to beach. I imagine Sardinia looks amazing from the sea. Drop me a line when you’re in the area, would love to hook up and speak a little English. šŸ˜‰

  6. The feelings of these photographs almost carried me into the dreams of the island… I loved your cat photograph, how nicely looking… Thank you dear, it was 30C degrees today and we were at the sea side… It was a nice day. Love, nia

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