How to Eat a 12lb Sardinian Snapper

A few nights ago we were invited to a friend’s birthday celebration. With all celebrations in Sardinia the food was endless, and well, big.

On the table before us sat a beautiful 12 pound Sardinian Snapper. In Italian this fish is appropriately called dentice, the root of the word denti means teeth, and this snapper was full of them.

Sardinian Red Snapper - Dentice

Never in my life have I seen a fish so big and never in my life had I partaken in eating a fish this size. Continue reading

How to Pickle a Wild Sardinian Mushroom

Pickling a wild Sardinian mushroom is no easy task, if you’ve never pickled anything in your life. I’ve eaten pickles, been pickled (a few too many times) and even, yes, had a pickle party, but I have never pickled a wild Sardinian Mushroom.

Wild Sardinian Mushrooms

I had no choice in the matter when Husband came home from the mountain top with six pounds of the freshest of fresh wild Sardinian mushrooms. You could smell the dung. We all know where mushrooms grow, right?  Continue reading

How to Tell if it’s Bloody Hot Outside

Shaded Flight

If the pigeons are catching shade, it’s a good sign that things are heating up. Follow nature.

How To Stay Cool When it’s Burning Up Outside

The sun is out in full force and the African winds are sweeping across the mountains making it one hot summer to remember. Yesterday’s high was 43.3 celicus. OUCH!

Umbrella Sun

Continue reading

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