How to Pickle a Wild Sardinian Mushroom

Pickling a wild Sardinian mushroom is no easy task, if you’ve never pickled anything in your life. I’ve eaten pickles, been pickled (a few too many times) and even, yes, had a pickle party, but I have never pickled a wild Sardinian Mushroom.

Wild Sardinian Mushrooms

I had no choice in the matter when Husband came home from the mountain top with six pounds of the freshest of fresh wild Sardinian mushrooms. You could smell the dung. We all know where mushrooms grow, right? 

Sardinian wild mushrooms grow in the mountains, with the cows and the cow dung. I used to go mushroom hunting with Husband in the early years, but the novelty wore off as the dung clung to my shoes.

Mushroom Mountain Mushroom Growers

Husband has been a wild Sardinian mushroom hunter for over three decades. When he was ten, he spent most of his afternoons hunting mushrooms to later sell at the local supermarket, for a few lira. He knows where the best, of the best are growing. Just look at his loot.

Husbands Mushroom Loot

What’s a girl to do with six pounds of fresh wild Sardinian mushrooms? Pickle them as per Husband, with aceto vinegar.

Armed with only this knowledge I headed to the local supermarket and asked the first old lady I saw: Signora, come faccio a fare i funghi? How do I make the mushrooms? And this is what she told me …


by Jennifer Avventura & The Old Lady

  • Peel skin from mushrooms. These wild Sardinian mushrooms generally grow in and around dung, and pee, cow pee. Peeling the skin from the mushroom will help remove any dirt, dung and pee.

Peeling the skin

      • Place peeled mushrooms in an empty pot. Even if your pot runneth over with mushrooms don’t fret. The mushrooms will shrink in size the moment they hit the boiling vinegar.

Mushroom cleaning

    • Lightly bathe mushrooms with cold water. The bottom of mushrooms are delicate, use care when washing as not to break mushrooms.

Lightly bathe mushrooms

    • Pour vinegar into empty pot and set to boil. I used a one liter bottle of vinegar, which was not enough, so I added a liter of water.

Boil Vinegar

    • Chop garlic, parsley and chili peppers together. The amount on each will depend solely on your own tastes. We like it spicy and garlicky.

Chop your taste

    • When the vinegar is at boiling point, add the mushrooms. Boil for five minutes and only five minutes, as the old lady at the supermarket said.
    • During the five-minute boiling process you will need to lightly sink and stir the mushrooms, as mushrooms float.

Sink & Stir

    • After the five-minute boil-a-thon, lightly drain mushrooms into a large colander.
    • Set mushrooms out to dry and cool.

    • When mushrooms are cold you can begin to jar them.
    • Add some of the garlic, parsley chili pepper to the bottom of jar.
    • Add mushrooms, layering garlic.
    • Add sunflower oil last. (Oil type will depend on your taste.)
    • Lightly push down on mushrooms to release any air pockets.

Just add oil

Shopping List:

  • Garlic, parsley, chili peppers.
  • Vinegar
  • Sunflower oil. Or oil you prefer using.
  • Mushrooms (fresh off the mountain are best.)

All you need are a few hours, some patience and the desire to try something new. The results are endless savoury wild bites.

Wild Sardinian Mushrooms

Have you tried anything out of the ordinary? How did you learn to cook, bake and pickle?

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14 thoughts on “How to Pickle a Wild Sardinian Mushroom

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  3. I’ve never tried pickling mushrooms (yet)! When I used to pick them and had too many I either dried them or made duxelles and froze them. Now I no longer live in London (paradoxically a great place to pick mushrooms) I rarely find them or maybe it is the huge upsurge in interest in wild foods that we are experiencing here and they are being over picked, who knows? I am enjoying your blog, I came via Debra’s blog to say hi!

    • Ciao Joanna,

      Thanks for swinging on by and commenting! I love mushroom hunting too, my husband says that it’s not like 20 years ago when there were bushels and bags of mushrooms here. There are a lot of people that come from the mainland to pick porcini and bring it back, leaving us islanders with little wild, natural goodness! Some things should be left scared. 🙂

  4. Thank you for the recipe… I’ve been pickling mushrooms for years but without your garlic, parsley and chili peppers. Most of the time they are used for focaccie or pizze and anti pasti, might you suggest another use??? Your recipe sounds stellar.

  5. first off, thanks for the warm welcome on twit,
    and as a new follower, i have much to learn and appreciate the city of Sardinia.
    the mushrooms looks delish,
    i wish i could give it a try sometime. ^0^

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