How To Stay Cool When it’s Burning Up Outside

The sun is out in full force and the African winds are sweeping across the mountains making it one hot summer to remember. Yesterday’s high was 43.3 celicus. OUCH!

Umbrella Sun

Heading to the beach or for a stroll in the summer sun? I’ve outlined a brief list of things to remember when playing outdoors during summer months. Take care of yourself for the sun is only getting hotter.

Beach Umbrella

Here’s a brief list on how to keep yourself from over heating on daze when the sun is burning a hot hole into the ground.

  • Most important is SPF. 20+ and up. Lather up before you head outdoors and after a swim. Don’t be silly and think a sun-tan is the best souvenir, it’s not. You’re body will hate you for it in time.
  • Umbrella and a hat. Keep the sun off your head.
  • Water. I can’t stress enough the importance to remain hydrated in the summer sun. Your body needs the drink before your mind tell you to drink. So just Drink it and lots of it. About 2 litres a day in hot summer months.
  • The winds will be slightly cooler at the beach plus there is nothing more refreshing than a dip into the ocean.
  • Fruit and 100% fruit juices. Drink em and eat em. Now is the time.
  • Keep the blinds drawn in the house.
  • Stay out of the sun during mid-day when the sun is at its highest and hottest peak.
  • All physical sports should be carried out in the early morning hours. 6am-10am. After that the sun becomes stronger, tapping your energy.
  • Eat gelato. Hey, it’s summer, enjoy those bountiful flavours.

Be smart with the sun, listen to your body.

Happy Hot Summer from Sardegna, Italy.

Rock and Roll Beach

11 thoughts on “How To Stay Cool When it’s Burning Up Outside

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  2. Thanks for the tips Jen, we too are having temps around 43 degree celsius and forecasts showing increasing temperatures in the coming days….I’m showering 4 times a day with ice!….LOL,no seriously!;)

  3. Excellent advice. Mind you, I could do with some of your heat right now – it is FREEZING here!!! Well, as “freezing” as we get, for those who deal with snow and stuff. I can’t wait to get back up to the …………. hmmmmmmmmm ……… maybe 35 will do – I’m not keen on 43 myself!

  4. I’ve also heard about that room temperature/warm beverages are better for your digestive system as opposed to ice cold, but on hot summer’s day I might be willing to overlook that!

    I’ve also heard mixed opinions about sunscreen, but at this point, if it prevents sun damage and age spots I’m on board.

    Great photos, Jen! Love your bag!

    • I’m really interested in hearing the pro and cons of SPF. Maybe Im living on the moon over here because I haven’t heard a con regarding SPF. Years ago I didn;t use a drop of SPF and my first year in Sardegna I didn’t use any. For me proof is in the pudding … I have much more freckles now.

      • Same! I was a sun worshiper last summer and because of it a slew of tiny beauty marks popped up on my chest and thighs. Now I don’t leave the house without a hat and a coat of sunscreen.

        Here’s an interesting link on the cons of sunscreen:

        The writer has some interesting points about boosting your natural sun defense through food and avoiding sunscreens that have cancer-causing chemicals.

      • Julia – thanks for the link, that was an interesting read. It’s still early in the morning here, Im going to have to let this one sink in.

  5. I agree!!! And might I add no cold beverages? Room temperature!!! A Chinese thing that actually really does work!!!

    Have you heard about the new “thing” about sun screen? My cousin was telling me about it over the weekend that it actually does more harm than good?

    As always…. loved the pictures!!!!

    • I’d love to hear what this new ‘thing’ is with sunscreen. I just know how my skin feels when I don’t use SPF. When I lather up, I don’t feel the hot burning rays penetrating my skin. Without SPF I can only stay in the sun for 30mins. With hours.

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