Jennifer Avventura featured on The Travelated Daily

A big whopper of a thank-you to Emily Sims over at The Travelated Daily.

My post The Chemtrail Hoax was chosen by Emily Sims as a top headline across Twitter on Monday, July 4th, 2011.

Friendly Blue Skies

I wrote The Chemtrail Hoax for one reason, I have questions that need answering. I do not believe that in my lifetime these conspiracies will be terminated, but we should question the facts. Governments should and need to speak the truth behind these claims, if they continue to shut doors then the conspiracies will continue.

The Travelated Daily

Which side of the coin are you on? Are they Chemtrails? Or do you not care about the sky above you?


Make sure to check out Emily Sims blog The Travelated Daily for the latest internet news events. Thanks for the SHOUT OUT!

8 thoughts on “Jennifer Avventura featured on The Travelated Daily

  1. Congrats! As for what side am I on, I’m not sure yet. I wasn’t aware of the controversy so I need to explore it a little. Can you suggest some sources to look into?

  2. Congratulations on being featured. I’ve been meaning to come by for so long but have been snowed under. Sardegna was fab but purtroppo sembra una vita fa!
    Looking forward to revisiting sometime

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