The Chemtrail Hoax

There are two sides to every coin. What side of the coin are you on? Is it a Chemtrail or a Contrail?

Chemtrails are trails left by aircraft spraying chemical or biological agents. Some believers say these chemicals could be any one of the following: barium, aluminum salts, thorium and/or silicon carbide.


Contrails or condensation trails are streaks of condensed water vapor created by the exhaust from the aircrafts engine.


Is this just another conspiracy theory? Or are the governments hiding something big from the public? The United States Air Force (USAF) states that the theory of chemtrails is a hoax and governments the world over deny any speculation of spraying its public with toxins.

The Air Up There

Are you a sky-watcher? Do you believe in the conspiracy?

Noir Heaven

** I am not a scientist or even a nephologist. I’m just a woman watching the curious sky … change.

31 thoughts on “The Chemtrail Hoax

  1. Yes its chemtrails, i see from NASA worldview that you get your full share of them. I reckon its contractors or a window relpacement at the rear of freight or commercial flights and like the Meteorologists and Weathermen they will all have signed the Official Secrets Act. As you rightly say …. the churn and altered sky when it was previously a high pressure bright blue sky is upsetting. I try to hold back and not assume too much, i also hate the term ‘conspiracy theory’ it does not help our ‘thinking’ or grappling with this problem. Mainstream media always bundles up chemtrails with other nonsense so as to make ppl like me look stupid. i suggest ppl google image search chemtrail pics Vancouver, San Diego, Algarve, Bremen, Nederlands or whatever and see quite how much material is out there, google searches can often keep us going circling too close to home. Overlays on NASA worldview help to reveal chemtrails.

  2. Chemtrails are the product of geoengineering programs being deployed around the globe. Weather modification is one goal….”he who owns the weather, owns the world.” An excellent website for information and evidence (including NASA patents) is:

    • Geoengineering is only a proposal. That site is full of pure garbage. Contrails either dissipate or longer and spread out depending on the humidity. When it’s humid up at high altitude they can create massive amounts of cloud. It’s not pollution as such, but it does add to cloud cover and cause an insulating blanket which exacerbates global warming.

  3. “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch them without doing anything.” AWESOME ALBERT!

    The world ecosystems are being destroyed by those who do evil and those who watch them without doing anything are so brainwashed they appear in function to be the “living dead”.
    The truth hiding right in front of your face … if you are interested in more awakening information pull up cactusplains@wordpress … it is a wreck in the coming but there are some good specks of light shinning on the UN Agenda 21 which is implementation of “Hell on Earth 2013 and BEYOND.
    Cactus Plains

  4. I’m very surprise to be seeing those chemtrials in beautiful Sardinia that I love so much 😦 People are entitled to their own opinion and this is ours! We do believe they are chemtrails and not contrail. We’re living in the South-East of England and my husband is a keen watcher of the sky. Those chemtrails have only started appearing a few years ago. We all as kids noticed, contrails.. way way way up in the sky…. but certainly not has close as they are now. Whenever you notice 1 chemtrails, wait for a few minutes and you will see many more… then keep checking and you will see them grow, combine and overcast the sky… turning the day very grim and cloudy. That is our observation and opinion 🙂 Great blog by the way. I read all the time, but today I really felt to make a comment 🙂 We love Sardinia so much, enjoyed our many trips there and hope to be back again this year. ‘P.S “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”. — Albert Einstein.’ Love from England! xx

  5. Thanks for the info, I wasn’t aware of this debate before. I always just assumed it was exhaust, similar to that of a car but just much much worse. Where I grew up in the North of England the trails get wider but then disappear quite quickly.

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  7. Your site seems to be corrupted. Davids comments remind me of a spook.Chemtrails are the seeding of the rain with a nasty bactrium made to kill and sicken components of the ecosystems. Why all the skin infections and all the sick people and the missing birds?

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  9. … continuity correction….

    …Depending on what elevation a plane is travelling at, will determine how _fast_it’s tail breaks up. And even HOW it breaks up. (I mistakenly left the word “fast” out of my last post) -David.

  10. Firstly, I’d like to say that this world needs people such as yourself, who like to question the government & powerful businesses. I don’t like a lot of what they do, and they need to answer to the general public. Total transparency. But civilization is a complicated entity. Too many variables to keep track of, and that makes it easier to get away with secrets.
    But I just don’t think it’s happening.
    Here’s what I think IS happening…
    The Earth’s atmosphere is comprised of layers. Thinner & lighter gases become more dominant the higher you go. Each layer also moves at it’s own pace. It has a shearing action. Sometimes one layer moving in a slightly different direction than the one above or below. Depending on what elevation a plane is travelling at, will determine how it’s trail breaks up. And even HOW it breaks up. It’s all sub-zero temps up there, even in the hot summer months. It’s just extremenly hot enjines, blasting through freezing atmosphere causing a misty trail. Again, just like your car’s tailpipe in winter (not sure if you live in a part of the world that gets winter?). Jet engines suck up MUCH more liquid fuel than a car, and travels many times faster, spreading these massive trails over vast distances as the wet exhaust exits the engine into a sub temp. atmosphere.
    Neither of us have a lick of proof. We both only have our gut feelings. I just don’t think there’s any conspiracy going on.
    If a person sprayed toxins over vast territories, they would also be spraying thier friends, family, and even themselves. They will land the plane, and breathe the same air as anyone else.

    • Thank you David for you insightful response to my post. Sure makes me go hmmmm. But like you said, neither of us have a lick of proof. I don’t trust the gov’t(s) full stop.

  11. Not many people have a heart BLACK enough to spray harmful chemicals, INTENTIONALLY harming people…kids included!
    It would seem to me, to be an impossible task to find more than a mere few SICKOS willing to do it, without someone leaking some first-hand info. I’m confident that 99.9% would quickly run to the authorities, if approached to do such a thing.
    Even with large sums of money for incentive.
    Any chemicals coming out of the sky from planes, are purely a biproduct of doing business in the modern world. It’s just something similar to what comes out of your car’s tailpipe….harmful, YES! But intentionally devising a chem fall-out by many people? Not very likely.
    Hi Jenny! -David.

    • Ok … so why do the contrails disappear after a few seconds? And why do the so-called chemtrails grow, and grow, changing the atmosphere? Changing the blue sky overcast?

  12. Jennifer … my comment was in response to farfalle1 … and the rest of the brainwashed millions … you need to be commended for being aware! Cactus Plains

  13. If you think chemtrails are merely condensation … you might be brainwashed … take a microscope slide … hold in rain for a couple drops … put under microscope and observe … how people can ignore blatant adverse impacts such as the chemtrails is beyond my imagination … why so many sick people animals and plants?

    Cactus Plains

    • I never stated that chemtrails are merely condensation … maybe you should read my second paragraph again.

      Chemtrails are trails left by aircraft spraying chemical or biological agents. Some believers say these chemicals could be any one of the following: barium, aluminum salts, thorium and/or silicon carbide.

      Thanks for the comment anyway.

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  15. I agree with farfalle1. Sounds like a solid bit of thinking.
    Beautiful photos, Jenny.
    Miss you lots. Karate Dave. 🙂

  16. My husband was a commercial airline pilot for over 30 years, and I’m pretty confident he never sprayed anyone with anything. As you say, a contrail is formed by condensation of the engine’s exhaust. The exhaust is hot and air way up there is very, very cold. If there’s moisture in the air, the heat of the exhaust condenses it. If there’s not moisture, there’s no condensation and no con-trail… which is why sometimes there are and sometimes there aren’t contrails behind jet planes. If the contrails hang around it’s because there’s not enough air movement up there to dissipate them. It all depends on the conditions 5 miles up. Which is not to say that jets don’t pollute or contribute to greenhouse gases. That’s another matter. Surely if governments wanted to get chemicals into us they could use more efficient delivery systems like water, milk, etc.

  17. It’s a conspiracy theory. contrail or chemtrail. There are two sides to the coin. Who really knows the answer. Do you believe our governments? It’s something I’ve just taken notice of since moving to Sardegna. There are times in the early morning when the sky is a beautiful clear blue, and by late afternoon we are littered with these growing ‘trails,’ that do not disappear. They stay, and grow and grow and grow … until there is no blue left in the sky. That’s no cloud in my opinion, but like I said in my post I’m no nephologist. 😉
    Happy sky gazing.

    • hummm…
      who really knows will always be the answer it seems…
      I for one, do not believe any government…yet…
      i refrain from Fear…

      far away from shore upon the Indigo Sea…
      I saw no trails…
      just clear blue sky when the storms were not about…and…
      when I arrived, so did they once again…

      Lucky, the best friend of Me…
      barks at the constantly.

      🙂 Greg Frucci

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