Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

These traditional Sardinian sweets are handcrafted with patience and care. I wish I could say that I made these sweets but alas I didn’t. I did however eat my fair share; all of them mine.

Which one would you like to try?

This is my response to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine.

How Not to Make Sardinian Seadas

Seadas or Sebadas is a traditional Sardinian dessert made with flour, fresh sheep cheese, honey and lemon zest.

Seadas is a dessert similar to ravioli and is produced mainly in the areas where shepherds roam. Pecorino is sheep cheese, it’s strong in flavour and the perfect filler for the seadas. If you can’t find pecorino in your local supermarket, try looking for a strong cheese for the filler.

How NOT to Make Sardinian Seadas. Continue reading