Snapshots: Under The Corbezzolo Tree

Where delicate, bell-shaped flowers dangle effortlessly.” – J. Avventura

Inside Sardinia: A Distorted Nature’s Poem

Inside Sardinia: A distorted Nature’s poem …


I grow flat along the red rocky earth
with only the wind to guide me.
My nutrients I steal from the sea
with only the wind to guide me.
I yearn to reach new heights
with only the wind to guide me.
I’ve learned to reach the mountain peak
with the wind holding my hand, beside me.

An ode to the island of Sardinia

Jennifer Avventura Sardinia 2012

Gosh, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen your face, twenty-one months precisely. I can only imagine your sun-kissed shadows, the way the wind whips in the cold winter months, the sound of your animals going out to pasture and the lingering sensation of a well aged mirto sipped between my lips. For one day soon, I shall return to your green pastures, and help seed our own garden, made from love.

A poem for Sardinia

Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life

This little poem is dedicated to the volunteers who have worked tirelessly to rebuild Sardinia after Cyclone Cleopatra.

Forza Sardinia.

Ladies Skull | A Photo

The other day, a little
lady bug
came out to play
she stuck around
not touching ground
till she found
the skull

The Naked Canadian Tree

The naked Canadian tree
stands tall
waiting for me.

Her branches dance
in the night
waiting for me.

Naked with nothing
swaying at first light
She waits for me.

Mysterious Tragedy

I wake to my reality,
wishing I was still asleep.
Devoid from emotion,
and painless from you.
You dance naked in the sheets,
trying to remember her name.
Wishing it was mine.
It’s my voice you hear
lingering your name,
highlighting you with love.
Like an intruder, I want her out.
Jailed for disturbing my
piece of heaven with you.
You close your eyes
to recall my touch.
Her hand cradles the
small of your back.
You are a stranger engulfed
in her foreign land.
Actions and words
don’t mean a thing.
When you’ve been lying
between two lovers.
Pain that bleeds deepest
I will forever and always know,
You are my mysterious tragedy.


For You Mom. Ti Amo.

Even though we are oceans apart,
I hope you know you are deep in my heart.
I remember all the good times past,
And how you would make each moment last.
I am so proud of all the things you do,
But most of all I’m proud of you.
Thank you for all the wonderful things you’ve done,
At times I’m sure it wasn’t much fun.
But you grinned and beared it from the start,
Not knowing if things would fall apart.
You are the glue on the camels back,
Life doesn’t get better then that.
Today is the day that I recognize you,
And all the things that Moms know how to do.
Thank you for making me the woman I am today,
It was difficult I know, I just wanted to go out and play.
I’m a better person because of you.
And I want you to know that:

I love you!


For you mom.

You Said

You said you’d never go back to her,
As we twisted on the floor; my mind a blur.
You were my adrenaline rush, my everything.
You can’t deny that look in our eye,
The first moment you passed me by.
Brilliant words from brilliant men,
You thought you died and went to heaven.
You said, You said.
That I was the one.
Where did I come from?
Why did I take so long?
You said, You said.
That I was the one.
You turned me on, You turned me down.
You flipped me right side round.
You played a good charade and I hid,
I hid behind your brawny barricade.
You held me close, You held me tight.
I swore I would never put up a fight.
You said, You said.
That I was the one.
And where did I come from?
Why did I take so long?
You said, You said.
That I was the one.
Everything I do reminds me of you.
MSN still says “Miss you.”
How can you be so cruel? “Fuck you.”
There’s a part of this mess that remains a mystery.
I can barely breathe, I want you here in me.
I thought, I thought you were the one.
But my thoughts, my thoughts were wrong.
You said, You said.
That I was the one.
That I was the one.
And where did I come from?
Why did, and why did I take so long?
You said, You said.
That I was the one.
I was the one.
The one. You said.

3 Little Birds


Golden locks upon my floor.
Ice cream prints
on the sliding glass door.
Salt water kisses
is something I wishes,
to bring you back just
for one more.
Bee-sting hand and
scraped up knee
Sweet young smiles
that set me free.
Battle wounds from
the oceans door,
wondering now
how you could take much more.
Young at heart this I see,
can one of you come
 and call on me?
Your shadows gone
floats over sea,
and all your memories
remain with me.