Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

What makes me the happiest girl in the world? Speaking to my three nieces via Skype. I love seeing their smiling happy faces when the connection clicks on through. They show me their new school outfits; sing me new pop songs and even play the saxophone.

It’s truly a beautiful happy moment. One I take with me when I head to the beach for some Autummer sun.

Pizza also makes me super-duper happy. So happy that I do the happy-happy pizza dance. Since moving to Sardinia I’ve had a long running phrase when signing letters or emails to my three little nieces and they get a good kick out of it, which makes Aunt Jenny beyond happy.

The phrase?

I love you more than Italian pizza!

What makes you happy?

This is my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

HostelBookers 7 Super Shots by Jennifer Avventura

I’m taking part in the HostelBookers 7 Super Shots which started this past January 2012 and has finally made its way around the blogosphere to Sardinia. I secretly watched and hoped that one day I too would be tagged for this travel inspiration series. Last week I was ‘tagged’ by Casey in Colorado who writes a great blog titled: words of a wanderer. Thanks for this great ‘tag’ Casey!

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Three Little Angels | A Letter

“I never knew love so strong until I met you.” A.J 2012

It was two years before I could make it back to my home country. Two years of wishing, and needing your little hearts and hands around my body.

Surprises are meant to surprise. And I sure showed you. Continue reading

Canadian Greetings

Greetings from Canada.

Wishing you a safe and happy new year.

Regular postings to resume third week of January. It’s a long holiday back home for My Sardinian Life. I should blog from Canada. I would blog from Canada. I could blog from Canada but little hands are grabbing me, little hearts need hugs and little eyes are shining, waiting for Aunt Jenny to play. For these few precious moments in my life that is all that matters.

Have you spent this holiday season wrapped up in little hands, feeling the love? I’d love to hear your joyous moments from this holiday season.

For You Mom. Ti Amo.

Even though we are oceans apart,
I hope you know you are deep in my heart.
I remember all the good times past,
And how you would make each moment last.
I am so proud of all the things you do,
But most of all I’m proud of you.
Thank you for all the wonderful things you’ve done,
At times I’m sure it wasn’t much fun.
But you grinned and beared it from the start,
Not knowing if things would fall apart.
You are the glue on the camels back,
Life doesn’t get better then that.
Today is the day that I recognize you,
And all the things that Moms know how to do.
Thank you for making me the woman I am today,
It was difficult I know, I just wanted to go out and play.
I’m a better person because of you.
And I want you to know that:

I love you!


For you mom.

The People From Here

Happy Smiling Sardinian Children

The smiles are wide here.  They are full of hope and filled with laughter.  This I learned at a family gathering last night.  There were twenty-one Sards, one Italian and one Canadian at this festival which was held a few mountains over from ours.  From the moment we entered the door with our ‘permesso,’ the radiant smiles never stopped.

After making the round of the usual kiss on both cheeks to everyone in attendance we set upon duties for the nightly meal.  Mine consisted of grating five pounds of Continue reading

3 Little Birds


Golden locks upon my floor.
Ice cream prints
on the sliding glass door.
Salt water kisses
is something I wishes,
to bring you back just
for one more.
Bee-sting hand and
scraped up knee
Sweet young smiles
that set me free.
Battle wounds from
the oceans door,
wondering now
how you could take much more.
Young at heart this I see,
can one of you come
 and call on me?
Your shadows gone
floats over sea,
and all your memories
remain with me.