Three Little Angels | A Letter

“I never knew love so strong until I met you.” A.J 2012

It was two years before I could make it back to my home country. Two years of wishing, and needing your little hearts and hands around my body.

Surprises are meant to surprise. And I sure showed you. You would have never guessed that Tuesday morning as you dressed for your Christmas recital, that your Aunt Jenny would be sitting in the audience cheering you on, and this time not though Skype. In real life.

I’d just come off a 15 hour voyage and I couldn’t wait to have you by my side, my arms around you, kissing your little head.

I snuck in just as Elvis was doing her thing and sat behind Grandma and Auntie. You were sitting on Grandmas lap and kept looking back a row … at me. I don’t think I registered in your little Christmastime head, but you kept looking. I could see the wonder in your eyes.

It wasn’t until I caressed your arm ever so slightly that you looked at me with those big beautiful eyes. I asked you to come to me with the wave of my finger, you came without hesitation and sat promptly on my lap and asked, How did you get here?

Angel of Hope

There you are doing what you do best. Colouring. What’s your favourite colour today? It’s still rainbow, isn’t it?

You are a seriously funny young soul and have made me laugh at every encounter. I wish we got to play Head-Bandz together, your mother boasts proudly that you are very good. How can we play that game via Skype?

You are a happy-fun girl, have you ever thought about stand-up?

Angel Explorer

Hi shining star. Bright, energetic you. You’d just finished singing in your Christmas recital at school and I was clapping in unison with the other proud Moms, Dads, Aunties and friends. You sang with all your gut and glory, I could see the look of contentment on your face. A proud moment for you, and your loved ones.

When you turned around from Grandmas bear-hugging surprise, you wrapped your long arms around my neck so hard, and you didn’t let go.

You screamed my name and jumped in glee, all the while gripping tightly around my shrinking neck.

You are a strong girl, I think you will rock it hard in drama class. Never give up beautiful explorer.

Angel of Marvel

You turned around from Grandmas bear tight surprise grip and wrapped your young arms around me. “Is it really you?”

Yes. It’s really me.

We hugged and jumped and I choked, but not like that time in Castlesardo from the confetti. This time I choked in your love.

We’d seen each other this summers past, and my how you have grown. You’re a young beautiful inspirational girl. You enjoy so much literature, I think that comes from your Mom.

Reading is a beautiful thing, continue on that journey and you will prosper. Read anything good lately?

I can’t believe you can rock it out on the saxophone! Rocking it out to The Flintstones theme song is one of the coolest things ever!

Who would have thought the tears of a 36-year-old aunt would be brought forth in the creation of her nieces sax, to the theme song of Bedrock! Wickedly overly, utterly proud!

You are a smart, young lady. Keep playing the saxophone, and keep on keeping it real. We must practice to succeed. Stay smart Angel of Marvel.

I love you more than Italian pizza.
Aunt Jenny

Read my poem to you: Three Little Birds

How did you spend the holidays? Are you an expat who went ‘home’ for the holidays?

16 thoughts on “Three Little Angels | A Letter

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  2. So so beautiful! And I understand totally living the other side of the world from my 2 nieces. I miss seeing them grown up and so look forward to skype chats. I thank the inventor of skype every time! This year I’m going to visit and I can’t wait. It’s been 2 long years since I saw them!

  3. thanks, aunt Jen. and, you know what? I think YOUR an ANGEL. your the angel of funny and kind. when i saw you i choked. when you left i choked. i still am. you where jest as funny as i saw you last. as kind, too. I ❤ U!!!! ella. byyyyy.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!! i love you! my eyes were filled with tears when i read that. you for got one…
    She finally took time off to come see her neices. She is so nice to stay and miss christmas with zeo and anna. I DEFENETLY ❤ YOU X 999% OUT OF 1000% 🙂 Love maggie

    You are a sweet angel. And you were very nice. I liked when you comed at the talent show with me. What colour is your favourite colour? Why would you like to go back to Italy? That's all. XO. Love Hannah. Typed by mom.

  4. Ah, so sweet. I too am 36 and I love to spend time with my niece and nephew. Hope it’s not too long before you see your family again.

  5. Oh!!! I know just what you mean!!! I feel all this wonderment every single time I return home and get to visit with my neice and nephew. My favourite memory of one my nephew is when he tells everyone that I live in the computer and when I leave, he takes the laptop and talks to me while I read him stories as he mumbles and falls asleep.

    Silly little goofballs little family people.

    This post has me sending messages to my sister to say OY!!! I want to talk to your kids!!!

  6. What a sweet poem! You must be the best aunt ever! I’m sure they get incredibly spoiled rotten by you! I love seeing my nieces and nephews too especially my sister’s kids as I of course have a special relationship with them. We are three years apart (my sister and I) but had kids around the same time so it is so much fun to be together. The kids live far apart (Minnesota and Virginia) and only see each other twice a year, but it is very special. Wonderful post and I hope they can come visit you soon!

  7. Ahh Jenny this is a lovely tribute to your visit home with our girls. They needed you as much as you need them. Thank you for a beautiful post. Love you.

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