3 Little Birds


Golden locks upon my floor.
Ice cream prints
on the sliding glass door.
Salt water kisses
is something I wishes,
to bring you back just
for one more.
Bee-sting hand and
scraped up knee
Sweet young smiles
that set me free.
Battle wounds from
the oceans door,
wondering now
how you could take much more.
Young at heart this I see,
can one of you come
 and call on me?
Your shadows gone
floats over sea,
and all your memories
remain with me.




11 thoughts on “3 Little Birds

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  2. So sweet! It illustrates the beauty and preciousness of childhood and makes me want to hold my kids longer, before they loose that innocence and grow up!

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      • I was wondering who this could be for/what could trigger thoughts and words like these! This poem is too emotionally loaded to not be the product of a personal experience. Thank you for explaining. Your nieces are lucky girls (:

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