Here’s a Moo

I believe everything happens for a reason and I think there are certain circumstances that happen in life that you just can’t avoid. The other day all I wanted was a little time on my own, time to relax, time to breathe, time to stare out into… the mountainous space I call home. M. was out at work and I decided to open the sliding glass doors, let the salty breeze kiss my skin and just relax. I had just gotten comfortable on the floor … as of yet we still don’t own a couch. Instead we have two chairs, one wooden and ancient and the other a green patio chair with the contour of a banana that cost $70! OUCH!
I could feel the ocean kissing my right check and in the valley there was a slight haze to the afternoon. I stared into the farmer’s field on the mountain across from mine, to the left is a large patch of trees and an old stone farm-house. There are about nine cows that graze this plot of land. In the middle there is an ancient stone structure barely six feet tall but its circumference outweighs its height. I imagine what battle was fought on this land, what stories are buried beneath its surface. On the right again there is a large plot of a farmer’s field. Wheat grows here as does one solitary Cork tree; there are no words to describe the beauty in this patch. There is a small triangle of a fence on the bottom right corner that keeps about eight cows contained.
I had just settled into the view and the ocean air, and I could feel my relax begin to transgress though my body. When all of a sudden the cows from the right and left side of the mountain began a Moo-Off. My stomach ached with laughter as this continued for half hour or so. Every so often Floppy would let out a lip smacking annoyance. Here a moo there a moo everywhere a moo moo. I didn’t get the relax on as I had hoped for, but I certainly laughed, laughed so hard I nearly pee’d my pants.

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