Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

What makes me the happiest girl in the world? Speaking to my three nieces via Skype. I love seeing their smiling happy faces when the connection clicks on through. They show me their new school outfits; sing me new pop songs and even play the saxophone.

It’s truly a beautiful happy moment. One I take with me when I head to the beach for some Autummer sun.

Pizza also makes me super-duper happy. So happy that I do the happy-happy pizza dance. Since moving to Sardinia I’ve had a long running phrase when signing letters or emails to my three little nieces and they get a good kick out of it, which makes Aunt Jenny beyond happy.

The phrase?

I love you more than Italian pizza!

What makes you happy?

This is my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

I Love You More Than Italian Pizza


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“I love you more than Italian Pizza,” is how I’ve signed my letters, postcards and parcels to my three beautiful young nieces back in Canada for the last three years. Around my sisters dinner table there is constant children chatter … Continue reading

The People From Here

Happy Smiling Sardinian Children

The smiles are wide here.  They are full of hope and filled with laughter.  This I learned at a family gathering last night.  There were twenty-one Sards, one Italian and one Canadian at this festival which was held a few mountains over from ours.  From the moment we entered the door with our ‘permesso,’ the radiant smiles never stopped.

After making the round of the usual kiss on both cheeks to everyone in attendance we set upon duties for the nightly meal.  Mine consisted of grating five pounds of Continue reading