Wicked days of fire and rainbows – Sardinia, Italy


Last night north Sardinia welcomed powerful rain, thunder and lightning which lasted hours. It was a welcome relief from the heat from the last few days, and my only hope is that it washed away the fires that have burned this stunning land.


Photo taken at La Marinedda at 8:10pm, August 8, 2013.

The view from my Sardinian office window

Found myself a wonderful summer job and here’s my view from the office:


What’s the view like from your office window?

Travel Theme: Simplicity Sardinia


La Marinedda, Sardinia, Italy

This is my response to Ailsa’s weekly travel theme: Simplicity

Travel theme: Beaches of North West Sardinia

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something on My Sardinian Life and when I saw Ailsa’s theme this week I knew I just had to post some of my favourite beaches in North Sardinia.

(Click on any header name to read a more complete profile of these beaches, plus more photos!)

Li Feruli

Li Feruli by Jennifer Avventura 2012 (13)

Isola Rossa

Jennifer Avventura 2012 (8)

La Marinedda

La Marinedda by Jennifer Avventura 2012 (4)


Jennifer Avventura (5)

I hope you’ve enjoyed the photo montage of my favourite beaches in The Gallura. If you want to see more fabulous beaches from around the world, or even sign up and add your own then check out Ailsa’s Travel Theme at Where’s My Backpack.

Have you been anyone of these stunning beaches in Sardinia?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

A solitary beach setting in the late afternoon daze of summer.

What does solitary mean to you?

This is my response to WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge.

A Morning with Marinedda

It’s 7:00AM, I’m out of bed and at the beach just as the sun is climbing its way above the mountain tops. The water is calm, too calm, like before a storm. There are hardly any beachgoers at this time of morning, it’s perfect and Marinedda is mine, if only for a moment.

The ocean flirts her salt water wind in my direction. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer in Sardinia


This gallery contains 6 photos.

This week’s theme is easy for me; summer. Summer in Sardinia is spectacular. With warm inviting sand and crystal clear blue waters to float away in. Summer in Sardinia Footprints in the sand. Sea shells and fossils. Sail away in … Continue reading

Top 5 Beaches in The Gallura | Sardinia, Italy

Are you seeking a private haven where you can sit on the beach and do nothing, for hours? Or maybe, it’s a family beach oasis that you are after. Which ever beach vacation you are looking for The Gallura will fill your senses with peaceful shorelines and endless turquoise waters.

Isola Rossa and La Marinedda

The name ‘Gallura’ derives from a shortened Latin term ‘Galli-Rura‘ or ‘Galilensi Islands.’ The Romans marked the map to show the boundaries of the islands, known as Sardinia. The Gallura is located east of the Tyrrhenian Sea, North of the Straits of Bonifacio and west of The Gulf of Asinara.

The Gallura is family friendly, offering various styles of housing to suit every budget.There are plenty of recreational sports and activities to choose from. It is here that you find unspoilt private havens, coves, bays and inlets. The Gallura is composed of twenty-eight provinces rich in nature and culture. In this Top 5 list I will focus on the province of Trinita D’Agultu and Vignola. Continue reading