The Case of the Mysterious Canadian Ensign Lost & Found in Sardinia

Jennifer Avventura:

Do you know the owner of this ensign that washed up on the shore of Sardinia?

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In life, I believe everything happens for a reason.

Why did a brand new, ensign of Canada land in my hands yesterday morning? Coincidence? Fate? A message in a bottle ensign? Or just the sweet generosity of the man who found it?

Our conversation went something like this:

The Italian Version

Sweet ManBoungirono. Ho trovato una bandiera canadese e pensato a te, ti piace?
Me – Oh, buongiorno. Ma, hai trovato una bandiera canadese? Dove?
Sweet ManIn Costa Paradiso. Qualcuno l’ha buttato via.
Me – Perché qualcuno dovrebbe buttarlo fuori? Non e giusto.
Sweet ManNon lo so, ma vuoi?
Me – Ma, certo. Grazie.
Sweet ManIo te lo darò a te ora.
Me – Sei molto gentile. Grazie.

English Version

Sweet ManGood Morning. I found a Canadian flag and thought of you. Would you like it?

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The Descent of the Candle Bearers | I Candelieri 2012

Jennifer Avventura:

The second biggest festival in Sardinia is about to kick off tomorrow night in Sassari, I Candelieri. Will you be there? I went in 2012, the following post is my awesome experience there. I hope you have fun too!

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Sassari– August 14th, 2012 – The 2nd largest festival in Sardinia owes its name to the large ‘candlesticks’ which men parade though-out town for a six-hour parade of strength, endurance, song and dance.

I Candelieri was born around 1500, a vow to the Virgin Mary; and to give thanks to the survival of three plagues during the 1600’s, which killed thousands of people on the island of Sardinia.

I Candelieri – The Descent of the Candle Bearers is a festival which embodies the spirit and traditions of Sassari. Its origins date back to the Middle Ages, when Sassari, under Pisan domination, adopted a modified version of the Pisan tradition of an offering, similar to a large wooden wax-covered altarpiece to the Madonna on the eve of the Assumption.

10 candlesticks with 8 men per candle parade throughout the town to the beat of drums, clapping and chanting in local…

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Mystical Mamuthones from Mamoiada

This gallery contains 7 photos.

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The mystical Mamuthones from Mamoiada have always stirred my soul and made me question the origin of their existence. I have attended festivals in Sassari and Olbia where the Mamuthones preformed before the inquisitive…

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Mega marketing failure by Classico

I did a little shopping this morning, at a store I never go to and was delighted to see Classico Sun-Dried Tomato Pestomade in Sardegna. Happily, I added it to my cart, even though I was giggling to myself, saying – there’s no way this pesto is made in Sardegna.

Upon unpacking my goods, I noticed one mega marketing failure, it’s a colossal failure, such a failure that I had to share it with the world, such a loss that it rubs me totally the wrong way to which I will never buy Classico again.

And the mega marketing failure is:

Classico marketing failure by Jennifer Avventura 2015

On the front label (left) it clearly states – PESTO di Sardegna. The mega marketing failure is on the lid. Can you see it?

Where is Sardegna?

There is the mainland of Italy and Sicily, but where is the island that this pesto comes from? It’s off the map, gone AWOL or someone at Classico doesn’t know their geography.

Have you noticed any mega marketing failures? Share your thoughts below.

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The naked truth on nude beaches in Sardinia, Italy

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Sardinia is a mecca for beach lovers and with over 1849km of beautiful, pristine coastline it’s no wonder naked vacationers return year after year.

Did you know? It’s illegal to get butt naked on a Sardinian public beach.

That Sardinia hosts very few, secluded nude beaches (so few, in fact I can’t find any resources on legal nude beaches in Sardinia) and if caught in the buff on a beach in Italy that the fine is hefty – very hefty!

Do you know the difference between a topless beach and a nude beach?

What is a topless beach?

A topless beach is a public beach where upper body clothing is optional for men and women. Most beaches in Italy are topless beaches.¹

A general rule of thumb is to look around and see what others are doing. If there are hundreds of people on the beach – dressed…

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When is the best time to visit Sardinia?

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Sardinia is known for its long summer, turquoise coloured warm waters, 200 days of sunshine and an average yearly temperature that will melt any Canadian’s heart. So, when is the best time to visit…

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Top 5 Beaches in The Gallura | Sardinia, Italy

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Are you seeking a private haven where you can sit on the beach and do nothing, for hours? Or maybe, it’s a family beach oasis that you are after. Which ever beach vacation you are looking for The Gallura will fill your senses with peaceful shorelines and endless turquoise waters.

The name ‘Gallura’ derives from a shortened Latin term ‘Galli-Rura‘ or ‘Galilensi Islands.’ The Romans marked the map to show the boundaries of the islands, known as Sardinia. The Gallura is located east of the Tyrrhenian Sea, North of the Straits of Bonifacio and west of The Gulf of Asinara.

The Gallura is family friendly, offering various styles of housing to suit every budget.There are plenty of recreational sports and activities to choose from. It is here that you find unspoilt private havens, coves, bays and inlets. The Gallura is composed of twenty-eight provinces…

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10 Remarkable Reasons to Visit Sardinia, Italy

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Sardinia is another thing. Much wider, much more ordinary, not up-and-down at all, but running away into the distance. Unremarkable ridges of moor-like hills running away, perhaps to a bunch of dramatic peaks on the southwest. This gives a sense of space … lovely space about one, and traveling distances-nothing finished, nothing final. It is like liberty itself … ” D.H. Lawrence. Sea and Sardinia. 1921.

10 Remarkable Reasons to Visit Sardinia, Italy

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Top 10 Sights in Northern Sardinia

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Top 10 Sights in Northern Sardinia

In no particular order of importance, as each town, beach and island, is a spectacular assault on the senses. All ten areas will leave you breathless and in awe.

Top 10 Sights in Northern Sardinia

  1. Dorgali – with its Giants’ grave, the beach of Cala Gonone, Nuraghic villages, grottos and caves, this area is yours to discover.
  2. Grotta di Nettuno – is a spectacular cave just outside of Alghero. Discovered in the 18th century by fishermen, it has since turned into a tourist mecca. Guided tours are provided in Italian and English.
  3. Stintino – famous for La Pelosa Beach is just one of Sardinia’s gems. Stintino is a coastal community filled with culture and history. From here you can catch a boat to the next item on the list.
  4. Isola Asinara – is one of Sardinia’s National Parks. In English this island is suitably…

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Only in Sardinia

Dreaming of a world where I can swim in the sea; pollution and people free.

Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life Weekly Photo Challenge postaday 2013

Only in Sardinia.

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