Top 14 Sporting Adventures that Defy Gravity at Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia, Italy is an enchanting island and sanctuary for adventure and nature explorers and it’s the ideal place to test boundaries and defy gravity in a multitude of exciting ways. The island is blessed with a 1800km jagged coastline, pristine white sandy beaches and a commanding rugged interior that begs the visitor to climb, play, trek and push limits. There are diverse gravity defying adventures that will suit any type of thrill seeker from sunset paragliding in spiritual and ancient places, to free diving at one of Sardinia’s most magical and controversial islands. For those that want to slowly reconnect with nature and find balance within the movement, there’s a variety of diverse yoga activities to rejuvenate awareness, physique, and consciousness. Come and play with gravity to discover a hidden Sardinia witnessed by few. Continue reading

The Tailgate Party | Every Fans Delight

Tailgating Buffalo Bills Fans

Tailgate parties are an American pastime. Tailgate parties are an organized social events held around the tailgate (trunk, or boot) of a vehicle. Tailgating more often than not, involves copious amounts of cheap beer barbecued burgers, sausages and hot dogs.

The tailgate party itself, is generally held in the parking lots of major American and Canadian sporting stadiums. It’s the build up to the BIG game: football, soccer, baseball, hockey and basketball.

There are pre-game tailgate parties and post-game tailgate parties. You are a true tailgater, if during the post-game tailgate you are still standing and chanting the teams support song. Continue reading