Top 14 Sporting Adventures that Defy Gravity at Sardinia, Italy

Top 14 Sporting Adventures that Defy Gravity at Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia, Italy is an enchanting island and sanctuary for adventure and nature explorers and it’s the ideal place to test boundaries and defy gravity in a multitude of exciting ways. The island is blessed with a 1800km jagged coastline, pristine white sandy beaches and a commanding rugged interior that begs the visitor to climb, play, trek and push limits. There are diverse gravity defying adventures that will suit any type of thrill seeker from sunset paragliding in spiritual and ancient places, to free diving at one of Sardinia’s most magical and controversial islands. For those that want to slowly reconnect with nature and find balance within the movement, there’s a variety of diverse yoga activities to rejuvenate awareness, physique, and consciousness. Come and play with gravity to discover a hidden Sardinia witnessed by few. Continue reading

Venus, Earth and Sun | Canada

My good friend DP has a grand passion for the stars, sun and moon. Often driving long distances and camping out for a few nights, just to glimpse into space.

His telescope is big … no, it’s HUGE! Trust me I’ve seen it! 

He bought a new car … ahmen … a mini-van just to house his massive telescope on road trips!

Two days ago, the world was captivated by what was one of the most rare astronomical events of the century! Snap!

I knew DP would be outside, in all his astral glory, and I couldn’t wait to see the photographs he would send me. Cause you know, I get a fair share of stars and constellations delivered to my inbox, that’s just how us friends role from Ontario.

This morning my inbox held a wonderful surprise, two photos that DP had snapped of the rarest event this century!

I asked if I could use the photos on my blog because I think DP is pretty swell and he deserves a super shout out! Shout out! Miss you buddy!

I was given permission to use his photos with this line “of course you can use them. Do your thing. Take care. Gotta go to work.”

Without further ado.

DP’s  Transit of Venus

The original image sent.

My editing: Heat Map.

My editing: HDR

My editing: A little crop

Pretty cool, eh?

Are you looking for a more scientific explanation on the Transit of Venus? Don’t worry, I was too!

Click here for great article by The Globe and Mail, it explains it all!

I didn’t get a chance to catch this magnificent event as I was snoring soundly in bed. Maybe next time, eh! 😉

A special thank you to DP who allowed me full artist control over the photos! You’re the bomb!

*Photo’s taken at Municipal Beach, Ontario, Canada.

Did you witness the rarest event this century? I’d love to hear your tales.

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