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Tailgating Buffalo Bills Fans

Tailgate parties are an American pastime. Tailgate parties are an organized social events held around the tailgate (trunk, or boot) of a vehicle. Tailgating more often than not, involves copious amounts of cheap beer barbecued burgers, sausages and hot dogs.

The tailgate party itself, is generally held in the parking lots of major American and Canadian sporting stadiums. It’s the build up to the BIG game: football, soccer, baseball, hockey and basketball.

There are pre-game tailgate parties and post-game tailgate parties. You are a true tailgater, if during the post-game tailgate you are still standing and chanting the teams support song.

It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon to support a team, just for the flavour of the tailgate party. Heck, I did. My hometown is just an hours drive to Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo, NY.

Hey folks – I’m not going to lie here, I don’t know a lick about American football. I don’t know who plays on what team, whose colour is whose colour, nor do I know the rules – I just like the tailgate party.

Bandwagon. Jump.

I’ve been to a few Buffalo Bills games to understand the full-scale of a real tailgate party. Thousands of people hanging out in the back of their pick-ups, dancing in parking lots, amateur football throwers, Dads without t-shirts, a Jack Daniels shooter truck, the Buffalo Jills and plenty of American sporting merchandise to tempt our liquored pockets.

To tailgate; expect to spend an entire day on the pre-tailgate, watching the game and the post-tailgate party. It’s also wise to book the following day off work.

And what is all this nonsense about, you ask? All this build up, for what?

The pre-game show!

And this … The Buffalo Bills & The Buffalo Jills.

We can’t forget about the reason we are here, right?

The Game!

I hope you’ve enjoyed tailgating with me.

Don’t Drink & Drive. Arrive alive.

How do you tailgate?

12 thoughts on “The Tailgate Party | Every Fans Delight

    • It is a fun wasted day, however, Im not sure how thousands of drunks can get away with it. Seems rather strange to park in a public spot and drink, make fires and in general become a buffoon! Oh, the American way!

  1. Looks like “tailgating” in the UK has the same meaning as in the land of oz! I like your version better! Love your stadium shots by the way, especially the first one.

  2. Our tailgates also include the Bloody Caesar Table (thanks auntie em) and chili. Usually a bonfire and football throwing. Many beverages on an actual tailgate. Lots of fun – we’re going Dec 18 again Jen. I’ll toast ya!

  3. “Tailgating” here DownUnder is the term for driving too close to the car in front of you.

    It seems however you use the word, it ends up with someone getting smashed.

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