When paradise turns deadly – Sardinia’s Somber Secret

Jennifer Avventura 2012 (15)Surprise washed over him as he found himself lying on the hard tiled floor of a pharmacy in a small fishing village on the coast of northwest Sardinia, Italy. “What am I doing here?” he thought as people curiously gathered around him. Continue reading

Paradise DOES Exist



It’s been a busy week in Sardegna showing the guests around town. I haven’t had time for writing. But exploring I did. I hope you enjoy the following pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them and basking in the glow. Happy Monday.


Jumping Boys Tinnari

Dirty Blonde – To Dye or Not to Dye.

Do blondes have more fun?  Are brunettes smarter?  And does it really matter the color of your hair?  Or are you like me, someone who suffers from hair color anxiety? Continue reading