Welcome to MY Sardinia


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Have you any idea where this lovely island is? She’s right here. Right in the middle of the Mediterranean. Welcome to MY Sardinia I hope you have the time to explore Sardinia with me, she’s worth the three-minute peek on your lunch … Continue reading


Ladies and gentlemen it’s burning up in Sardegna this week.  Today’s high 41 degrees celsius (in the sun,) and a nice breezy 27.5 degrees celsius in the shade.  The curtains are drawn the house is clean and the ocean is blue and calm.  It’s difficult to think about writing on daze like this.  Who would want to?  Blue clear skies, singing happy birds and smiles across the faces of the town folk. Another beach day is in order for this afternoon as the heat makes it difficult to even think about anything else.

Are you coming to Sardegna for holidays?  Need questions answered?  Need someone in the ‘know’?  I’m that person, I’m here to make your holidays in Sardegna one of the best and brightest.  Just ask, I don’t bite.

Sun Shining Sardegna

It’s only April 3rd and the sun is shining with fierceness, and the weather is utter sweetness in Sardegna.  High of 35 celsius and the lows are just not important to remember.  If you are planning on visiting Sardegna this summer or any summer for that matter, there are two very important things to remember: Continue reading