Sun Shining Sardegna

It’s only April 3rd and the sun is shining with fierceness, and the weather is utter sweetness in Sardegna.  High of 35 celsius and the lows are just not important to remember.  If you are planning on visiting Sardegna this summer or any summer for that matter, there are two very important things to remember: SPF and a hat.  Sardegna is full of stunning beaches and the suns rays never escape them.  If you come from a place where the sun only shines for a few months out of the year, and your skin is snow-white, please take my advice.  Bring your SPF.  Yes, you can buy SPF here in Sardegna, but it’s expensive.  Very expensive.  Stupid expensive.   It’s not fun to have your holiday ruined by a nasty sunburn or sun stroke, so take the precautions seriously and lather up.  Your skin will thank-you in twenty years. Enjoy the following pics from today at the beach.

Proof is in the pudding.

Beach Life

Sheer Bliss

Hello Mellow Yellow

13 thoughts on “Sun Shining Sardegna

  1. *sigh* while i am loving nesting in the new house – oh how i wish to be on a beach. girl…you chased the dream for years, never gave up, and now you are living it! we both are, in our different ways. life is beautiful! xo

  2. Whee! Sardegna! I’ve an old friend from there…lived on via Azuni. Ah well. Gorgeous beach pics! I am back in Darwin, it’s cloudy and grey and I am sorry I am no longer in Asia. 😦 But I have a goal to work on now…getting reunited with Singapore, a.s.a.p! (And resuscitating my barely-breathing blog!) Cheers for the comments. XX Nat

  3. The third one! The third one!!!! I do not know what it is about those combination of colours… that reddish/brownishy sand, the greeny/blue of the water… there is just something about them that makes me of all people; the greatest land lubber I know, me who prefers to live on mountain tops and deserts… well. Those pictures make me want to roll up my pant legs and just play int he water.

    Fabulous pictures as always!!!!!! Oh! And love the silhouette!!! LOL!!!

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