La Avventura is Versatile

That’s right folks.  La Avventura has been given the honor of  VERSATILE BLOGGER.  La Avventura has only been blogging for five months; so it is with great pleasure to receive this award from The Hook – The Book of Terrible

And now it’s my turn to pass the baton to seven glorious bloggers that I have followed in the past five months.  In no particular order of importance, the baton goes to.

  1. White Girl In Black Face – Have you ever dreamed of being the underdog? 
  2. Haikugirl’s Japan – Ever wanted to go to Japan but couldn’t?  Be an arm-chair traveler through her blog.  Very informative.
  3. grrrl style. – A 15yr old feminist who is destined to become a music journalist.
  4. The CHASE Project – An inspiring woman who lives life to the fullest.  And she’s just completed her first marathon.  Kudos.
  5. Not From Around Here – Follow the adventures of an American living and working in England.
  6. JetHead – “The World from 30,000 feet at 500mph”.  He’s a pilot, a captain and an English teacher.  Get over your fear of flying or planes by reading his blog.
  7. Life in Bloom – With a passion to service those less fortunate, this blogger has volunteered in the Gulf Coast after hurricane Katrina as well as in Haiti and Nicaragua. 

Seven things you didn’t know about La Avventura:

  1.  I have taken karate, thai-kick boxing, boxing and jujitsu.
  2. I danced lyric jazz professionally for fifteen years.
  3. I played soccer with my local soccer club for fifteen years.
  4. I broke my tibia playing soccer as I scored the winning goal.
  5. I have three tattoos.
  6. Guinness is my favorite beer.
  7. My three nieces are my light. 

11 thoughts on “La Avventura is Versatile

  1. Thanks for always including new blogs to check out and read. Have you ever checked out mine? Give it a whirl and let me know what you think. I enjoy reading yours!

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  3. Thanks for the award and linking to my site! I love that you said that you’re passing the “baton”…I was a majorette in high school! 🙂

  4. Ohhhhh!!! I like this!!!! I love going to other people’s blogs… but always find that the way it works best is to go to someone’s blog I like, and check out their blogroll or blogs they like!!!! Nifty!!!!! Lots of thanks for this post!!!!

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