Ladies and gentlemen it’s burning up in Sardegna this week.  Today’s high 41 degrees celsius (in the sun,) and a nice breezy 27.5 degrees celsius in the shade.  The curtains are drawn the house is clean and the ocean is blue and calm.  It’s difficult to think about writing on daze like this.  Who would want to?  Blue clear skies, singing happy birds and smiles across the faces of the town folk. Another beach day is in order for this afternoon as the heat makes it difficult to even think about anything else.

Are you coming to Sardegna for holidays?  Need questions answered?  Need someone in the ‘know’?  I’m that person, I’m here to make your holidays in Sardegna one of the best and brightest.  Just ask, I don’t bite.

5 thoughts on “Forty-One

  1. Wow, that sounds amazing. And I thought that 27 degrees where I live was hot! I have visited Sardegna once before and loved it. Enjoy the heat 🙂

  2. You don’t bite??? Well there goes that idea!!! Just a quick question if you do not bite. How do you eat apples????

    And if the day is so purdy? Why on earth would anyone want to be thinking???? Seems like a waste of brain cells!!!! I like the post! Right! Click on like!!!!!

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