Welcome to MY Sardinia

Have you any idea where this lovely island is? She’s right here. Right in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Welcome to MY Sardinia

Welcome to Sardinia

I hope you have the time to explore Sardinia with me, she’s worth the three-minute peek on your lunch break. She’s an amazing beautiful delicious island worth discovering.

Welcome to Sardinia

Contact My Sardinian Life | La Mia Vita Sarda by clicking this link.

Welcome to Sardinia

21 thoughts on “Welcome to MY Sardinia

  1. Hey! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving such sweet messages! Gosh, I’m so envious of you! I’m planning on spending whatever free time I have today reading up on your adventures!

    Three years ago, my husband (then-boyfriend) made a short trip to the Niagara Falls in the winter. I wonder if you had already left Canada for Italy then.. There wasn’t a lot of people around at that time, maybe our paths had crossed then? hmm…

    Have a great day!

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  3. I’ve been very tempted to try Nutella but I’m not pretty sure being preceded by the adjective ‘evil’ is not a glowing recommendation. I have a highly addictive personality when it comes to anything nutty and spreadable, so perhaps I should keep on moving when I pass it in the grocery aisle.

    Oh, and I love your Dr. Seuss quote in your side bar!

  4. Italy, my dream destination… Sardegna! Hopefully I will make there with a little help from your posts and divine providence. Thanks for your visit to my post, your friendship and generosity. Looking forward to your adventure posts 🙂

  5. It’s always been my dream to visit the Meditarrean Islands. I only see them in the movies and travel channels. But till Fate allows me to set foot in this places, your post helps me admire their beauty . Thank you for making the readers feel like they are actually there. Great post.

  6. Stop by my blog I added you to my blogging buddies. Have a relaxing weekend my friend.

  7. Ive been reading about your Island of Sardegna, and I truly feel the desire to visit it now! I love Italy, I went there for the first time, in July 2010. Its my favourite country in Europe! And I will definitely make plans in 2012 to visit South Italy and also Sardegna. I hope to ask for your expert advice at that time! 🙂 great blogging!

  8. I love reading posts about travel – it’s one of my favorite things to do.

    I was in Italy several years ago, but didn’t make it to Sardegna; now it’s another place to add to my wish list.

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