A Big Beautiful Sardinian Wedding

Donatella Panu is Sardinia’s rock-steady fighter, accumulating many medals through-out her kickboxing career. In 2009 she placed first in the World Championship of Muay Thai Kickboxing which was held in Austria. Her coach, her trainer, her number one fan is her new husband and we were invited to the wedding.

Our Lady of Castro

Oschiri is a small town at the foot of Mount Limbara, population of 3,600. Our Lady of Castro was the church this dynamic duo were married in. Built in the mid 12th century Our Lady of Castro was used for Catholic services, housing for pilgrims and sanctuaries for monks and scholars.


Today this lovely church is the prime setting for a 21st century Sardinian wedding. With Snooki look-a-likes, triplets and 30+ pro-fighters, this was shaping up to be one hell of a wedding. The two-piece band belted out Sardinian folk songs, the entire Grease album, and the Beatles. The menu was as elaborate as any Sardinian wedding can be. With five courses being served, it was an amazing culinary delight to have been part of.

The Lovely Bride and Groom

The people were friendly and happy, very happy. They commented often on my new-found Italian skills. I think it was the bootleg Sardinian wine that allowed me to speak fluent (I say fluent as when the veins run with wine, I believe I am fluent in all languages) Italian and have these wonderful conversations with strangers. Or maybe there was something special in the air that day, something that will never leave this expats mind. The beauty of love and the beauty I now call my home, Sardegna.

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