Graffiti Around The World

Padova, Italy

Rome, Italy

Sydney, Australia

Sardegna, Italy

Bern, Switzerland

Sardegna, Italy

12 thoughts on “Graffiti Around The World

  1. I love seeing the creativity and character of places

    Thanks the comment. I too love seeing the creative flavours written or drawn on public walls and spaces. It gives the place character.

  2. Love the first one. Had a similar one made up in my room when my parents had gone on vacations. All hell broke loose when they came back and noticed it.

    Spray-Can Man is also one of my favorites. I’m sure your folks were thrilled when they returned.

  3. The Swiss spray can man is my favourite. Come to London, we have lots of Bankys here (those that have not been painted over by local authorities, that is).

  4. And then in China. Graffiti is just prostitutes numbers written all over the place. I like this graffiti much better! That flying donkey is fun!!!!

    Haha! Woman you kill me. Those poor hookers.

  5. I love graffiti – it’s one of my favorite things to photograph!!! León in Nicaragua is full of it. Looks like I´ll have to go to Sardegna too!

    It’s fun checking out the local art scene, I’ve always enjoyed photographing local graffiti too. Maybe Ill make it to Nicaragua one day to see their local art. Thanks for the comment.

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