Autummer in Sardinia

Welcome to the craziest season in Sardinia, Autummer. An eclectic mix of brilliant radiant sun, combined with rain and cool crisp winds that leave you wondering what month you are in. How do you know when it’s Autummer? Autummer begins the moment you pack away your traditional summer sarong and hippy skirts, it’s the time when the bikinis get a gentle but full wash and it’s the time when bell bottom jeans and long sleeve t-shirts make a dusty come back. Continue reading

Sunflower Queen

It’s a rainy day in Sardegna today. The skies are filled with grey heavy clouds, the wind barely stirs the tree tops and the animals are content with the cool showers. On days like this I crave the lemon-yellow sun, but knowing she won’t make a grand entrance, I’m content watching my babies Continue reading

Where Everything Happens Domani

 Rainbow Over Trinita
Day seven and the rain hasn’t stopped since day five. Sardegna is beautiful and lush. So I guess we need all the rain to make the various shades of green spring to life. Tippa and her mom are grazing at the bottom of the mountain and the goat which has his left and right hooves, front to back tied together… Continue reading