Autummer in Sardinia

Welcome to the craziest season in Sardinia, Autummer. An eclectic mix of brilliant radiant sun, combined with rain and cool crisp winds that leave you wondering what month you are in. How do you know when it’s Autummer? Autummer begins the moment you pack away your traditional summer sarong and hippy skirts, it’s the time when the bikinis get a gentle but full wash and it’s the time when bell bottom jeans and long sleeve t-shirts make a dusty come back.

Summer began in April this year leaving this Canadians blood boiling for over seven scorching months. My Blue Notes blue jeans have called my name for weeks, even popping out from the drawer just to say “Hey, remember me?” I’ve longed for the cooler days where the sweat doesn’t pour from my body, where I can get out for a six km run without the sun tapping my energy to go on.

Autummer has been but a mix of weather. We’ve had hot beach days, a day where we spent eight luxurious hours laying in the Autummer sun, evenings that were so crisp that the wool socks appreared with their plastic bottoms and holy heals, afternoons where the rain pounds relentless drops over the valley and onto rooftops, mornings where the wind has swept its mighty energy through the house leaving gentle wisps of dust. And just when you think Autumn is here to stay out comes summer in all her radiant glory.

Autummer Days

Autummer Days at the Beach

Autummer Storm

Autummer Beach Days

An Autummer Storm

Autummer by the Sea

Autummer in Sardinia

The seasons in Sardinia have changed, it’s either too hot or too cold or … no wait a minute, it’s hot again … now I’m cold, or am I?  Where’s my favorite sweater? There are no longer four glorious seasons to give us their wrath, instead we are faced with two seasons which at times seems to torment the mind, body and soul.

Welcome to Autummer in the Medittereanen.

10 thoughts on “Autummer in Sardinia

  1. Oh the good old days of hot days and cool evenings when every body went from a day at the beach and a night by the sidewalks caffes enjoying watching pretty girls walk by; now it’s like what time is it? hurry, American Idol is starting.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. We have experienced an insane October. It has been like summer all over again with one day reaching 93 F and most days in the 80s meaning shorts and tank tops. It is crazy. I hope global warming isn’t already effecting us! (Although I’m certain it is!). I know we will get payback and a bad winter. Last year, we got record setting snow and our first foot dump of snow in mid-November! It was over my daughter’s head by March!

  6. I love the autumn, but Paris was so hot I really didn’t like it. It is perfect in Bagni di Lucca just now, cold mornings and lovely warm days when the sun appears.

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