Gathering of Mushrooms

Tis the season for mushroom hunting in Sardinia. The skies have been ablaze with fire for days and now the cool rains have sprung forth a bounties basketful.

Sardinian Mushroom

The above photo was taken on the mountain above our house and we left this mushroom in the ground as Hub said “You will have serious problems of you eat that one.” I thought this mushroom was beautiful in its glistening white aura, set against the beautiful rain dropped green grass. I’ve tried to research a name for this white beauty but I have found nothing.

We did however come home with a bountiful selection of other wonderful funghi.

Sardinian Mushroom

Mushrooms of Sardinia

Walking in the wet mountain tops scouting for freshly popped mushrooms is a past time of many Sardinians. People come from all over Italy to scout Sardinia’s fresh mushrooms and bring them back to the mainland to sell. We scout for our own stomach with Hub turning our treasures into jarred mouth-watering goods.

Mushroom Hunters

(I am not a mushroom scientist or doctor nor do I play one on the internet. Everything written here is by ignorance of mushrooms and their Latinized names. I know nothing about mushrooms other than they are great on a medium-rare steak.)

7 thoughts on “Gathering of Mushrooms

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    • I’d take the chestnut forests over the manure wet mountain tops! 😉
      Do you happen to know the names of the mushrooms in my photos? I have no idea. One I think we call a portobello mushroom, the rest, Im stumped.

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