Travel Theme: Sweet Sardinia

This week’s travel theme is sweet from Where’s my backpack, and there’s nothing sweeter than traditional Sardinian dolce.


This is my response to the travel theme. Why not join in on the fun? Click the link at the top of this post to find out how you can take part.

Have you been to Sardinia? What’s your favourite sweet?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh


This gallery contains 4 photos.

“She’s fresh, exciting. She’s so exciting to me. She’s fresh, exciting. She’s so inviting to me, yeah.” – Kool & The Gang Fresh bird-prints on an early morning beach run. Some of my favourite fresh vegetables from the farmers market. … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour #2

I dusted off an old flash drive and was surprised to find burning golden hour photos. I was shocked at how beautiful some of them are and even more shocked to find out that I snapped these shots in 2010. So, without further ado, here is my second installment into the weekly photo challenge.

Asinara Bay, Sardinia, Italy

The Golden Hour by Jennifer Avventura

The Golden Hour By Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life 2013 (3)I snapped the following photo through our dirty living-room window. It has not been altered in any way. Looks like the end of the world to me.

The Golden Hour By Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life 2013 (4)

A golden hour sunset in HDR.

The Golden Hour By Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life 2013 (5)

To see more fabulous shots from around the world which depict the golden hour then please click here.

Travel Theme: Simplicity Sardinia


La Marinedda, Sardinia, Italy

This is my response to Ailsa’s weekly travel theme: Simplicity

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

This week the folks controlling the Weekly Photo Challenge have asked us to represent “The Golden Hour.” The golden hour is the first and last hour of the day. I’ve never been a sunset photographer and sunrises are just too early for me. I did however manage to capture a photo of the setting full moon one early morning.

The Golden Hour – Asinara Bay, Sardinia, Italy

The Golden Hour by Jennifer Avventura 2013This photo was shot at 5:03 am using a Sony Cyber-Shot. I think it turned out pretty cool, you can even see the moon’s reflection, shining brightly on Castlesardo. There is nothing golden about this photo but it was shot at the right time for this weeks theme.

Any tips for capturing the perfect golden hour of a sunset?

Travel Theme: Sculpture

It was early morning and the sky was that typical Mediterranean blue when we decided to hit the beach. Normally, we are afternoon beach goers with a full tummy and want nothing more than to sink into the warm afternoon sand and snooze off a traditional Sardinian lunch, but not today. Today we packed our bags earlier than the birds.

Sculpture is the art of intelligence. – Pablo Picasso

Sculpture by Jennifer Avventura 2013

Surprised to find my favourite beach littered with makeshift bamboo sculptures/shade-shelters I knew this was my moment to capture the weekly travel theme. I was even more surprised to find the beach completely … empty.

Sculpture by Jennifer Avventura 2013 My Sardinian life (2)

In the summer months, particularly in the afternoon, this beach is packed with tourists and locals alike. It was a great welcome to have this stretch of beach to ourselves, if only for an hour.

Sculpture by Jennifer Avventura 2013 My Sardinian Life (3)It is not hard to understand modern art. If it hangs on a wall it’s a painting, and if you can walk around it it’s a sculpture. – Tom Stoppard

I got a little lucky with this week’s travel theme. This week I didn’t have to go out searching for objects to photograph. These sculptures just came to me.

This is my response to Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Sculpture.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

This weeks photo challenge from WordPress is a little, um, difficult. Companionable? Like, really? Are there not enough cute kitten and puppy pictures out there? The photo Gods want more? Must I really succumb to the challenge and post a photo of a furry animal? I think not. Here the definitions provided by WP which was sourced here.


  • A person who is frequently in the company of,  associates with, or accompanies another.
  • A mate or match for something.
  • A handbook or guide.
  • A member of the lowest rank in an order of knighthood.

I don’t live with any furry companions nor do I have any associates and I certainly keep the talk about The Hub to a bare minimum – there’s some things I wish to keep sacred. A handbook & guide I have but it seems rather lame to use a photo of the cover of one of the many popular travel guides, and I don’t know a low ranking Knight … yet.

Therefore …

Islands and oceans are my companions.

This was my response to the Weekly WordPress Challenge: Companionable.  In hindsight, I wish I would have taken a photo of my big feet in Jamaica. Oh well, next time.

What does companion mean to you? Is it a loved one, a good book or a spoonful of Nutella?

Travel Theme: Ripples Sardegna

He ripples sweet summer songs above the highest mountain tops.
He sings all day, coming and going with barely a stop. He knows when I’m there and hides away, the moment I’m gone, and he returns with his song.
I’ve waited two weeks with camera in hand, and can finally prove that Ripples Sardegna, in the blink of an eye, has come and gone, yet again.

Ripples by Jennifer Avvventura travel theme

He returns and ripples his songs to the new summer air. I’ve just about got him … let me see now … I don’t know. Click.

Ripples Sardegna

Ripples by Jennifer Avventura 2013There he is now, for maybe he’s a she. With the sweet summer songs who can really tell?

This is my response to the weekly travel theme from Ailsa at Where’s my backpack.

The Flow of YS Falls – Jamaica

Stepping outside of Sardinia for this photo challenge, I find myself at …

YS Falls, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

This 7 tiered flow of water is nestled within a secluded valley in Jamaica’s ‘breadbasket’ parish – St. Elizabeth.

Flow by Jennifer Avventura 2013

YS Falls is a spectacular sight to behold. Throngs of tourists and locals alike flock to this working cattle and horse ranch each year. There are natural pools for a relaxing swim or for the more adventurous there is zip lining over the falls. We spent a good few hours here, hiking and taking in the gorgeous views.

This is my response to the Weekly Travel Theme: Flow.

Have you been to Jamaica? In the comment section below, tell me about one great experience you had in Jamaica.