Hunting Wild Asparagus at Sardinia, Italy

During my recent stay back in Canada, I found myself reminiscing about the long walks, deep within the folds of Sardinia’s glorious green mountains where I learned to hunt wild asparagus. It’s a prickly, skinny, long and utterly wild plant, and more often than not I was left with razor-sharp cuts on my arms and hands. There was even this time I fell into the base of the asparagus plant, and well, that didn’t go to good. Cuts, scrapes, and blood up and down both legs, on the palm of my hands and even my right elbow, got into the fight, but that didn’t stop me from my yearning to sample the earth’s wild delights. Continue reading

An Unseasonably Cold Spring Day | Sardinian Daily Life

Spring hasn’t really arrived in Sardinia, yet. We were teased in March with cloudless skies and delightfully warm sun but that soon changed when April moved in with her bleak rain filled sky.

Even on cloudy, rainy, windy rather rotten days I still need to get out and breathe the fresh spring-ish air. Join me on a photographic hike through the windy valleys in Northern Sardinia.

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