An Unseasonably Cold Spring Day | Sardinian Daily Life

Spring hasn’t really arrived in Sardinia, yet. We were teased in March with cloudless skies and delightfully warm sun but that soon changed when April moved in with her bleak rain filled sky.

Even on cloudy, rainy, windy rather rotten days I still need to get out and breathe the fresh spring-ish air. Join me on a photographic hike through the windy valleys in Northern Sardinia.

Spring flowers are there, despite the cold fall air.

Yellow broom; sweep pops.

An enlightened path that leads the way.

Are you experiencing unseasonably cold weather systems?

35 thoughts on “An Unseasonably Cold Spring Day | Sardinian Daily Life

  1. Great photos! Actually, we are experiencing unseasonally MILD weather – coming into winter and yes, we do have the heater on low today, but we have still been wearing summer clothes. most of the time. Winter starts on June 1, so a month and 5 days to go.

  2. Yup… been cool and rainy here in Shanghai… although we have had less cool and rain and more sun and warmer days sprinkled in. The buds and flowers suddenly popped and everything is in bloom… the flowers here are lovely and SO fragrant. Everything looks green and fresh, so the rain is welcome. We are lucky too as most rain has come overnight and the days are dry 🙂 Finally after a cold bleak winter… the roller coaster of spring has arrived.

  3. It has been cold and rainy in London for a few days now. And when I checked the 5 day forecast all I saw was rain. I think March was a mean trick 🙂

  4. Yesterday it was unusually cold in Sofia too and this morning it was 5 degrees. And I am only a little bit Eastern from Sardinia. The cold weather in Sardinia comes to Bulgaria a day or two later 😦 meaning that it will remain cold in here.

  5. I absolutely hate it when I wake up to a cold day where it is pouring continuously! I love the sun! Appreciate your temperament for putting up with such weather! And Your photos are so good, Jennifer! You are well on the way of becoming a good photographer!! Keep it up! Guess u can make a post on how you have come this far, it would definitely help others!

    • Haha. Thank you Kendra. It would be great to see my pics from 13yrs ago when I went to Australia … but I they are in Canada and I’m here. So maybe the next time I go back Ill collect them and scan some in. I appreciate your continued support Kendra. Kind regards.

  6. Don’t go wishing the cold away too fast:) Give these beautiful fields of flowers time to bloom in full cycle – and yourself time to visit a few more times … I suppose they’re even more marvellous after the bleak cold of winter? Is it very windy in Sardinia in the winter? Why are you wishing away the season to rush headlong into Madhu’s Thirty Six Degrees? Big smiles here, Jennifer – it’s just a little rant, because here in the tropics we miss out on Spring, always one of the most hopeful times of the year, I used to think.

  7. Hi Jennifer, You said “Im just learning photography”…… so I popped over to take a look!…. you have the “eye” and that’s more than half the key to good pics!… Like your style, stick with it!…:)

  8. Beautiful pictures Jennifer! How I wish I could complain about the cold right now! We have already touched 36 celsius!!

  9. Yes! The exact same thing happened here! It was amazing in March highs in 80s like we get in mid June. Now it has been wet, cold and awful. Oh well! On another note how do you get your name to appear on the bottom of your photos? Do you think it hel

    • Opps I was cut off again from my silly cellphone. Do you think it helps protect your photos? I haven’t done anything with mine and was curious if I should. Did you have fun meeting Deb?

      • Help protect … I don’t really know. Once it’s on the web, really it’s anyone’s ball game. But I like to have the watermark there regardless, it shows that it’s actually mine and not just taken off the web. I had a GREAT time meeting Debra, I even cooked lunch for her and company!

      • Wonderful! Not sure if you’ll do a blog post on that but it would be cool! Yeah, I see what you mean about the photos. There are times when I see my posts on bizarre sites that I never approved. Oh well! 🙂

      • Nothing crazy. Just ones that are hard to figure out who the blogger really is. Sometimes I’ve even seen my posts on really random sites. Just goggle your blog and look through sometimes and you’ll probably find a couple of what I mean. Very strange!

    • I use a free program called Picasa. It’s really great and a free download. I’ve never had any problems with the program but it takes a bit to navigate around. There is a watermark option where you can enter in whatever you wish.

  10. I’m in the south of Turkey right now, and it’s stormy weather and pouring rain! Ysterday it was beautiful though, and the mimose is blooming as are many other flowers. But when I get back to Moldova in a couple of days, where I live these days, it will still be late winterish with not much blooming and low temperatures. Sigh.

      • Turkey, or at least the south, is a surprise to me. Not that I actually had any real idea about it. I’ve been following and got charmed and decided to have a look. Definitely worth it, and we’re having a good time. The people are warm and friendly, and not aggressive in the shops and markets which I love 😉 Next trip we’ll go to Istanbul, which is a world of its own I’m told. Everybody who has been there loves it.

  11. We usually get cold, rainy spring weather on Cape Cod because of the ocean. It just started to warm up a couple of days ago, so it’s on the way!

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