Storms in the Sardinian Sky

Live update: weather in Northern Sardinia … rotten, cold, windy, crap, rainy, thunder and lightning! Take cover!

8 thoughts on “Storms in the Sardinian Sky

  1. Sounds familiar! It is god awful here lately. Had to get out the wool sweaters! Hope it warms up soon! My parents are actually on their way to Italy for a golf trip. I told them it is cold!!!!

  2. Just the same in England at the moment, rained all week and all night, then was lovely and sunny early on my way to work, and then just rained again all day – and we are being told we have no water down south, drought warnings being given out already.
    We have had weather like that in June in Sardinia, year before last we only had a fortnight at house and had to spend most of it indoors, (or in the bar – lifes hard sometimes)

    • I can’t take it anymore!! It changes so frequently … this morning was bright slue skies and a warm sun, then it rained, then the sun came out again, and now we are experiencing this! Oh, and we’ve just had a ton of hail! Actually in this moment it’s hailing again! Huge ones!

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