Macro Monday | Sardinian Fig

Macro Monday – The Sprouting of Fig Season

Taken with a Sony Cyber-Shot, automatic setting when I get close to things.

What do you think?

Do you have any tips on macro photography?

Playing with Macro Photography

This past Christmas I was given a new super-duper camera. By super-duper I mean amaze-balls, well it’s amazing to me! It’s a Sony Cyber-shot, 16.2 mega pixels and I am in love.

There are so many fantastic features on this camera, that I am in awe. My favourite feature is the Intelligent Auto setting. The camera automatically sets to landscape, portrait, macro and many more. All I have to do is arrange the photo to my liking and point and shoot. Easy. Love.

I’m slowly learning the ropes of photography and have recently begun to play with the macro setting.

How did I do? How can I improve my macro photo shooting?