Writer’s Block Overload | Photo Post

I’ve been a lazy blogger, I think. But I’ve been busy studying the ropes in this sphere called blogging. There is so much to learn that it’s exhausting at the best of times. I thought I could just come into the blogging world, write some pieces and fame would fall upon me.

Well the fame part didn’t happen … yet (crossing fingers, toes and eyes.) I have written over one hundred posts in the space of twelve months, but I feel it’s not enough when I look at other more prominent bloggers.

I’m writing some pieces, putting final touches on other articles and reading all I can about owning your own blog. There is a ton of information to take in for those in the beginning stages of blogging. Every day is a learning experience.

Did you know that My Sardinian Life will be one year old this week! That’s right folks, I’ve been blogging, writing and commenting my way though thousands of blogs in the last year. And I’ve had a blast doing so.

To tide you folks over for a few days while I try to finish some articles (I’ve never been good with deadlines, and knowing that I’m writing a guest post, makes me nervous as heck, I want it to be perfect) here are a few photos from this past weekend.

Cala Calboni

Cala Calboni

Cala Calboni

Cala Calboni

Historic Aragonese Tower of Isola Rossa

No one is holding me down to write, nor am I being held captive by my keyboard. Writing is something I want to do, something I crave to do, something I love to do.

At times I find myself in a deep black hole trying to climb the writer’s block out. I can’t come up with killer headlines or any headline at all, or the first paragraph should be the last and maybe this photo isn’t the best choice and it’s possible that I’ve gotten myself so far in that there is no other way out but to write. Write anything.

How do you kill writers block?